Happy Wednesday from the snowy, cold Mitten!

Is it snowing where you are?

It seems that most everyone is talking about the crazy weather this week.

Not crazy for the Mitten, though…..just normal winter weather.

And let me tell you….my granddaughter loves the winter weather!

Today, I am leaving the winter behind and taking it back to a warm July day. Four months before my sweet and only granddaughter was born.

My amazing daughter-in-law had a dresser from her grandfather that she wanted to paint, for the baby’s room. Since I love to paint furniture I offered to do it. On of my besties, Traci, helped me out.

This is the dresser before we got started.

Below is the step by step process we used to paint the dresser.

1.) First, we pulled out the drawers, removed the contact paper and knobs. My daughter-in-law bought new knobs, (wait until you see those!!) so there was no need to clean or keep the knobs that were removed.

On a side note…..Here is me and my lifetime pal, Traci. We have known each other since kindergarten. That’s a lot of years! What a blessing she is to my life! Someday, I will blog about my bestie group and the bonds we share.

2.) Before we started painting, the dresser needed to be prepped. Washing down the chest of drawers with some Simple Green was the perfect choice. I always use this before I paint my furniture pieces. When using, make sure you rinse and dry your piece well.

3.) For this project, we used the Magnolia Home Chalk Paint. My daughter-in-law received it as a gift and it was just the right amount for this job. We used natural bristle brushes. They are inexpensive and perfect for this type of paint. We painted one coat on the drawer fronts and chest.

Then we took a break and had some lunch which gave the first coat of paint time to dry.

I think food, yummy snacks and good laughs should be part of every project!!

After lunch we applied the second coat of paint.

4.) Letting the dresser dry over night, we used a wax to seal the paint, the following day.

5.) We added the new hardware to the drawers. Aren’t they pretty?? I loved the dainty, distressed look of the knob. I found these similar knobs that you could use on a project.

Here it is complete! It doesn’t take a lot to make a big transformation. Painting this for my precious grandbaby gave me great joy!

I hope this gives you inspiration to try painting a piece of furniture. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me.

Peace and Blessings,


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