With so many of us having busy schedules, today I’m going to share a simple way to decorate your fall porch. Decorating my porch for the fall season is one of my favorite times to decorate outside.

My theme this fall has been cozy and simple! You can see how I honored that theme in My Coziest And Simple Fall Home Tour.

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I’m not going to pretend like I don’t usually spend a fortune on all the colors of mums. However, with having less time, wanting to spend less money, and simplifing my decor, I did not buy every color of mum!

You will be happy to know I stayed the course!

“Leaves are falling. Autumn is calling” – Unknown

What Can I Put On My Front Porch?

There truly are so many things that you can use to decorate your porch. Remember, you don’t have to use all of them, just enough to make your area festive for the autumn season!

  • Mums
  • Pumpkins
  • Cornstalks
  • Hay Bales
  • Benches
  • Signs
  • Gourds
  • Wreaths

A few things to consider when picking out your decor is the size of your porch. Also, make sure the colors you choose flow together.

Lastly, highlight your front door. Afterall, it’s the place everyone enters your home. Nothing like giving them all the good feels of being welcome!

My Simple Fall Front Porch

As with most things I decorate, I put a plan in place of what I want my space to look like before I start. It was hard for me to stray from what I do every year, but this year I was determined to switch it up!

Autumn speaks of cozy vibes, colors, and pumpkins. That’s pretty easy to follow, right?

In keeping with my simple theme, below is a list of some of the items I used:

  • Mums
  • Cornstalks
  • Pumpkins
  • Sign
  • Cozy blanket
  • Lanterns

Cornstalks & Mums – Step 1

We have the best little market right around the corner from our house called Miller’s Orchard. They are a 3rd generation family-owned farm store. Having them so close is like going to the apple orchard. It’s a farm store in the city!

Carmel apples, homemade cinnamon sugar donuts, cornstalks, mums and hay bales are always plentiful, during the autumn season.

I always try to support locally owned, so I purchased my mums and cornstalks from them.

Beginning my decor starts with the cornstalks. I attached them to the colums on my front porch and to an iron plant stand at the corner of my home

As you can see the Mitten blue jays and squirrels have been enjoying my corn! I had to snap all my pics before all the corn was gone!

Pumpkins – Step 2

My intention was to use white and orange pumpkins together this season, but there were no white pumpkins to be found when I started decorating.


The plan derailed quickly.

I had to pivot the design in my head just a little, but I think it turned out beautifully!

I started with buying two large pumpkins and a few fairytale pumpkins to replace my missing white ones. My local grocery store had the pumpkins priced 2 for $10. Definitely, can’t beat that deal!!

Did you see my post on How To Make A Mum & Pumpkin Planter? Since pumpkins are always part of my decor I had a vision to turn those pumpkins into planters for some of my mums. It was such an easy project. If you can carve a pumpkin, you can do this too!

I made two, one for each side of the porch.

“Advice from a pumpkin: be well-rounded, get plenty of sunshine, give thanks for life’s bounty, have thick skin, keep growing, be outstanding in your field, think big.” – Unknown

My Fall Wreath – Step 3

Since saving time and money was the goal, I pulled out one of my existing wreaths. It looked a little drab, so I purchased some inexpensive ribbon and made a new bow for it.

One of the door mats I used was a black and white buffalo check. I used ribbon that would coordinate with that.

I’m so happy with the outcome!

What do you think?

Some Simple Additions – Step 4

Do you own any lanterns? They are such a versatile piece of home decor.

I recently did some lantern centerpieces for my girlfriend. You can see them in my post How To Make An Easy Fall Lantern. After that project, my girlfriend gifted me with four extra lanterns. Bringing two out to the front porch and put them next to my mum & pumpkin planter added just the right touch.

When I cleaned off the porches and prepared for my fall decor, I moved one of my back porch chairs to the front. I added a fall blanket I made years ago and this black and white pillow.

Nothing like a welcome sign to greet your guests! I added a mum just as it was to the bottom of my sign.

I layered door mats, added a garden flag and a few more mums and pumpkins to round out the space.

My Simple Decorated Fall Porch

There you have my simple way to decorate your fall porch! With the exception of cutting out the pumpkins, once you have all the items, this porch can be put together in no time.

I hope I have given you inspiration to decorate your own porch!

Happy fall!

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  1. Beautiful! I’m always a fan of pumpkins filled with mums and flowers. Love that you were trying to watch your budget and yet your porch is full and beautifully overflowing and perfect.

  2. Just figured out a way to keep the cornstalks from falling over or having to tie twine around them ~ I use a tomato cage, it sticks in the ground, I load it with corn stalks, and they stay upright, can tie a pretty bow around it.
    Your porch is lovely, also a big fan of mums:)

    Thank you,

  3. Kim, your font porch looks so beautiful for fall! I love how you simplified things. And of course, as a Nebraskan, the cornstalks are my favorite.😘

  4. Just beautiful! I wished I lived in an area where I could find a selection of corn stalks, pumpkins & gourds. Yes Walmart has pumpkins & some gourds they are so expensive you can’t afford to buy enough to let go k right. Thank you for the inspirations.

  5. Your front porch looks beautiful Kim! I love that you simplified your porch, I have had that theme for our home all year. Less really is more!

  6. Kim, everything looks beautiful! I never have good luck with mums, they die soon after I get them so this year I did not get any.

    I do have a beautiful wreath and it makes me smile every time I walk in the door.

    I’ll be honest, I do not really decorate for Fall, I am jus counting the days until I can start decorating for Christmas!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love everything you’ve done on your front porch Kim, beautiful! Living near the country we see so much corn but I’ve never gotten corn stalks for Fall decor before, on the look out now! -Maria

  8. Your porch looks amazing all dressed up for Fall! I love the cornstalks! They were plentiful when we lived in KY, but I don’t see them here in FL! Wish I could find some to decorate with! Take care, Donna

  9. Hi Kimmy! I sure wish I was as talented as you! I love peeking at your blog, all the way from sunny San Diego! Love you! ~ your sister in law!

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