Here in the mitten we have the opportunity to embrace most any kind of flowers and greenery throughout the year. However, when it comes to winter, I’m a faux kind of girl. Today, I want to share some beautiful faux greenery & stems for you to use, this holiday season.

The faux florals they make now are beautiful! Some look so real you can’t tell they are fake.

If you love to craft, creating your own arrangement is a great time to do something you love and relax.

Double the fun!

Real Greenery vs. Faux Greenery

I have heard plenty of times that multiple studies have shown that indoor plants can make you happier, along with lowering anxiety and stress levels.

Let’s hear it for happy and less stressed!

Here’s a little tidbit for you that I didn’t know. I recently read that faux plants have a positive effect on your mental health, too. The research shows that our mood and productivity are also affected in a postive way by those fakes.

If you didn’t know like me, now you do!

“Green gives the calm we need in this world full of chaos.” – Unknown

Faux Holiday Garland

I purchased this Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland a few months ago, in anticipation for Christmas, and I have been so excited to use it! It looks so real and is easy to shape just the way you want.

There is no mantel in my Cottage home and boy, do I miss having one to decorate! Especially at the holidays.

As you can see below, I’ve found a creative way to use my garland. I have also use garland on my Christmas table setting.

Here are some other great garland options:

Faux Holiday Stems

Holly berries are definitely a sign that Christmas is here. I found these beautiful and inexpensive holly berry stems a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I snagged them when I did.

I used my ceramic white pitcher to display them in. The red looks so pretty in the white container and I placed it on the cabinet with my Norfolk garland.

Here are some other amazing holiday stems:

“Holly berries shining red, mean a long winter, ’tis said – Old Farmers Almanac

Beautiful Faux Greenery & Stems For Your Holiday

Choosing what type of greenery you want to use will be the hardest part! The rest of the process is creative and fun!

Happy Christmas arranging!

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  1. Kim, this is such a great post. I had no idea that faux plants have a positive effect on your mental health too. I should be one happy woman with the faux and real plants in my house. LOL You have some great selections. The one from Terrain, I own and it’s is beautiful. I may need to snag some of those Walmart ones for one top of my cabinet. You cannot beat that price especially if you are on a budget.

  2. I love all of your picks, Kim. I can’t wait to get started. I need to dig out my bins this weekend to see what I have to work with!

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