Do you collect old quilts? Maybe you have inherited some pretty hand stitched pieces from your family or friends. I have so many pretty quilts, that I have collected over the years, and today I want to share my love for quilts with you.

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I make blankets for a cause and I absolutely love making them, but there is a gifted art to stitching a quilt by hand. Stitching by hand is something that I always wish I would have learned. Especially from my grandmother or perhaps one of my aunts.

What a wonderful family tradition that would have been to carry on!

Instead, I will be happy making my Cottage blankets and share my version, like the one above.

Other than always loving to craft, sew and crochet, you can see why I started making blankets in my blog post, The Journey.

Family Quilts

As long as I can remember, quilts were part of our home. My mother and father’s families had quilts in their homes too. In fact, not only did they have them, they beautifully created them. Sometimes with old clothes, pajamas and little pieces of leftover fabric.

Can you imagine not wasting one item of fabric? That’s the way my grandma quilted.

Waste not!

I have so many memories of those family heirlooms. Quilts sat atop every bed in my grandmother’s house. Those quilts were placed there for decor and necessity.

Do you have anyone who made quilts in your family?

Displaying Quilts

There are so many ways to display your quilts. Many people I know use their bed or hang them over a quilt rack or ladder.

On the other hand, if you have a very old quilt, I would be careful on how you display it. Hanging it could make it droop and the stitching could possibly start to unravel.

I currently have two store bought quilts on my bed. I love the layered look! However, one of my decor goals has always been to display my quilts in an old piece of furniture. The kind that I could chalk paint…with shelves and glass doors.

You can see it now…can’t you??

Well, I haven’t done that yet, so for now I hang them over the banister, on a ladder or on the wall. Like this one, I recently hung in my She Room.

It doesn’t match the room perfectly but knowing who’s hands made it brings me joy. I’d like to think it would make my grandmother happy too.

The old hand stitched quilts are my favorite, however I have quite a few store bought quilts as well. Using them for layering your bed linens can really make a big change without switching up everything on the bed. As you may have guessed, I have solid and printed ones too.

I especially love the colorful ones!

There is something special about receiving a quilt. Whether you buy an old one or you’re given one as a gift, I am always taken back by the thought that went into creating it and the hands that made it.

Although I don’t hand stitch my blankets, I am so grateful for the wonderful women in my family who paved the way and showed me how to make beautiful blankets out of small sometimes leftover pieces of fabric.

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  1. I only have one baby quilt which was a present on the birth of my first son. It’s been repaired a few times but it’s still lovely to look at. I wish I had learned to quilt – I don’t have the patience for it now.

  2. I have 2 family quilts. One full that my grandmother made. The other my husbands grandmother made is actually just a few framed squares. His aunt had it made for all the grand children to share a piece of it.

  3. Kim, my grandmother made over 100 quilts. Some hand pieced and hand quilted; and, as she grew older, she had others machine quilt for her. I still have quilt pieces that never were finished. I have quilted small quilts…and have one in process now. Small ones work best for me…and machine stitching and quilting is how mine are made. And you do realize that the National Quilt Museum is here if you ever want to visit, right?!!!

  4. These are wonderful! I am a quilt admirer, versus a quilter. Truly love all of the fiber arts; quilting, weaving, sewing, knitting, crocheting etc. Have tried my hand at many, and have enough experience to admire the quality of true artisans. It is ‘love’ expressed in their work. Yours are beautiful, ‘a labor of love’! Thanks for sharing your passion, insight, and memories. I believe you have sparked many here!

  5. I share the same love for quilts. My mother didn’t quilt or sew but my paternal grandmother did. Even though I didn’t know her, I like to think my love of all things sewing came down to me from her :). Love those colors in the first quilt. And that bow tie pattern is one of my faves!! Pinning!

  6. I love quilts too and I have a huge number of them – I used to teach patchwork and quilting. Recently I rescued my box of quilts from under the house and have been wondering how I should display them so this post was very timely for me. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I love a beautiful quilt. My daughters were gifted quilts when they were born from a friend of the family and they are lovely keepsakes.

  8. Kimberley, when I saw this peach and yellow quilt on Instagram I fell in love. I had a couple of old quilts from my grandparents that I’ve passed on to my nieces. I wish I’d held onto them a little longer. xo

  9. Please provide an organization that will accept hand made quilts. I am retired and have so much fabric that I’m trying to share.

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