Oh, how I have always wanted a she shed. You know, that girly place to do all the girly things in? I couldn’t have one outside so I thought I would create one inside. So that’s what I did! Today, I am going to show you my secret sanctuary and how to create a she shed in a room.

Secret Sanctuary: Room to Your She Shed Dreams - View of the she room while sitting at the desk.

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Secret Sanctuary – The Empty Room

We are at a stage in our lives where we have raised our sons. Our oldest and middle are married and our “baby” recently bought his own home. Our house finds itself with newfound breathing room. It’s an exciting shift, full of different emotions, and marks the start of a fresh chapter in our lives. That being said, the extra space has been brimming with possibilities. 

To kickstart my she-shed journey, I decided to start with one bright blue bedroom. It was the perfect space to create a she room! You can see my vision board below.

Secret Sanctuary: Room to Your She Shed Dreams - Vision Board

Make Her Pink!

I wanted something feminine, which included a pretty desk where I could work on my blogging. A comfy chair was also a requirement so I could curl up and read a good book.

A room that included removing all the blue and changing it to all things pink. 

Do you remember that pretty soft pink dresser I painted a few months back? Well, that was the inspiration for my room.

Home decor items for the she room. Candle, lamp and picture.

First thing’s first. I picked a paint color. I used Sherwin Williams White Truffle. Don’t be confused by the name…there is nothing white about it! The color is between a dusty pink and a pale lavender, depending on which way the light hits it.

I love it!

Once the painting was finished, Big Al installed some new grey carpet. Back in the day, he owned his own carpet business, so having him replace the carpet was very convenient. 

Bring on the Decor!

All the molding in my home is off white. In a world where most home decor is centered around the white farmhouse, finding a desk that wasn’t white was a bit of a challenge. I finally found this Thomaston desk from Wayfair. It has two drawers, plenty of desk space to spread out, and the price was just right. 

Who doesn’t love a great price point!?

Secret Sanctuary: Room to Your She Shed Dreams - Desk set-up with new chair and pillow for comfort.

My next priority was a cozy desk chair, a far cry from the typical wheeled office beasts. I craved the soft embrace of fabric, not the cold roll of plastic.

While window shopping at Marshall’s (BTW…does anyone EVER window shop at Marshall’s? I think not!) I found the perfect size and color chair.

The last big item I purchased was my chaise lounge. I was going to get a chair and ottoman but found a chaise that fit just right in the space I had left. Perfect for curling up with a good book, watching my favorite show, or taking a nap!

View of the she room and the chaise lounge.

Remember to add all the things that bring you joy when creating a space for yourself. If you read my blog from earlier this week, For the Love of Quilts, you will remember I added one of my grandmother’s quilts to a wall in my she room, even though it isn’t a perfect match, it brings me joy…and that, my friends, is all that matters!

I finished the space off by adding some fuzzy pillows, soft pink on pink curtains, a beautiful ceiling fan, lamp and some special artwork.

All the Love

Speaking of artwork, I will leave you with this little story…

When our sons were growing up, I always kept a picture, decal, or a wooden sculpture with the word “LOVE” in our home. If one of the boys would come to me and say,  “I’m afraid”, I would tell them there was nothing to be afraid of because there was only “LOVE” in our house. So, I thought it only fitting that my she room have some “LOVE” on one of the walls. 

Secret Sanctuary: Room to Your She Shed Dreams - Full view of the she room with desk, chair, pink dress and chaise lounge.

I hope you enjoyed my she room transformation and hope this secret sanctuary inspires you to create a space for yourself. One that’s filled with lots of dreams, lots of creativity and most of all, lots of LOVE. 

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  1. This is a beautiful room transformation. I would like to snuggle up on the chaise with a soft blanket too!

  2. Most definitely pinned!! I need a room like this. It looks so peaceful – the pinks work perfectly together. You will create beautiful blog posts in this room Kim. I just know it! BTW, great photos!!!

  3. Pinned it! While there is no room in our 1950’s ranch for such a sweet retreat, I can still dream. The chaise is probably my favorite feature.

  4. Love your she room… I have always wanted a she shed as well, but I never thought of a she room… I like it! Thank you for this inspiration. I am a big fan of all things pink lately too. Lovely room.

  5. Oh, Kim! I love what you have done with the pink. I have never been a pink fan and with all boys in our family, there simply wasn’t a place for it. We now have a pink “princess” bedroom for all of the grands and great nieces. I am soooo ready for a new office and you have inspired me, friend!

  6. I think you may have started a trend! I love this idea, I have always wanted a she shed too. But in Michigan it would have to be heated too. So to make a she room is much more feasible for me too. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Kim, I love your She Room. The colors and furnishings are warm and inviting. Lots if inspiration. Keep the posts coming!

  8. Like you were are almost empty nesters. So I’ve been planning my space but we still need the guest room space with 5 kids and 7 grands. 5 are here for the weekend. Love your suggestions!!

  9. Kim, this room turned out so adorable. I am so glad that you are not afraid of color. So many homes these days have all white everything. I do like pops of color especially colors that make the person happy. The room is a reflection of what you love. Your happy spot.

    I just love what you did and how perfectly you pink dresser works in this space too.

  10. This looks so serene. I’d love to have a she shed room or shed! LOL Mine are still in school so I have a couple years to go. I love how you decorated it and oooo that chaise lounge would be wonderful!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Wonderful Wednesday hop!

  11. Kim –
    I love this idea! I’m going to share it in my Sunday Newsletter – As we become older and our kids are raised and grown, we sure deserve our own special “pink” space!

  12. Pink is so beautiful ! I love it ! I will use one of our bedrooms to turn into a new room for my brand new greatdaughter, she will be here this. March. FIRST ONE !!Nancy

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