Do you like an easy DIY? Me too! Today, my friend Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home is hosting a group of blogging friends and we are bringing you some amazing fall decor on a budget. I’m happy to share how to make a decoupage pumpkin with napkins.

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Enough about me, let’s get started with the easy DIY pumpkin!

I recently changed some of my home decor over to blue and white. I am loving all the beautiful options there are for blue and white decor. You can see what I did in My New Blue Spring Home Tour.

Keeping with the theme, I wanted to decoupage a pumpkin, or two, that was blue and white.

“I’d say the first thing you need is … a pumpkin.” —Cinderella

Supplies For Decoupage Pumpkin

The supply list for this DIY project is incredibly basic, and it’s likely that you may already have most of the items on hand. In fact, you may be able to find everything you need right in your own home.

Step 1 – Prepare Napkins For Pumpkin

It works best if you prepare the napkins ahead of time. Your hands will probably get sticky from the Mod Podge, so it’s good to have your strips of napkins ready to grab. I used a 9 inch pumpkin for this project and used four or five napkins.

When using two-ply cocktail napkins you want to separate and discard the piece on the back. That means you are left with just the printed side of the napkin.

You can see how I did it in the picture below.

Once you have the napkins separated, gently tear the napkins into strips. Remember, they don’t have to be perfectly straight strips. If they are jagged it doesn’t matter. The idea is that you want the strips to make it easier to work with.

You will end up tearing parts of the napkins into smaller pieces as you will need to fill in some spaces.

Step 2 – Apply Mod Podge & Napkin

Now that you have your napkins ready, the fun part begins!

Grab yourself a paper plate and pour some Mod Podge out onto the plate. It makes it easier to use when it’s not in the container.

Apply the Mod Podge to one section of the pumpkin and apply your first strip.

Continue adding the Mod Podge and napkin pieces until you get half way around the pumpkin. It’s important to let the first half dry for about 15 or 20 mins. If you don’t, you may risk your fingers getting stuck to the applied section as you move forward.

Here’s a tip. Because of the deep creases in the pumpkin, use a small foam brush to gently press the napkin into these folds. This ensures that the Mod Podge secures all parts of the napkins.

Like I told you previously, you will have to tear smaller pieces to fill in sections. Make sure to overlap your napkins so there aren’t any gaps.

Make sure you turn the pumpkin over and make sure the bottom of the pumpkin is completely covered. After you have completed the whole pumpkin let the glue dry for another 15 to 20 minutes.

Once dry, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the completed pumpkin, sealing all the pieces in place.

Step 3 – Decoupage Pumpkin – The Stem

The last step in completing my DIY decoupage pumpkin was to jazz it up…just a little.

This step is optional, but I felt like I needed to add a little something else near the stem. So a good friend suggested that I paint the stem gold.

I took her up on that suggestion and think it is the perfect addition!

What do you think?

Step 4 – Style Your Pumpkin

There was only one thing left to do, now that my DIY fall pumpkin was finished.

Style it!

I appreciate you stopping by today, and I hope I have inspired you to craft a decoupage pumpkin, all on your own!

Next on our fall decor on a budget tour is Emily from LeCultivater. She is going to show you how to create beautiful fall decor from nature! You are definitely in for a real treat!

Have an amazing day and happy fall decorating!

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  1. Love this Kim! I love the napkin you choose to decoupage your pumpkin with, your pumpkin came out so beautiful and you styled it perfectly! Pinned!

  2. This is so clever Kim! I love a good budget home decor project that looks this good! The gold pumpkin stem is the icing on, well, the pumpkin. lol

  3. Kim, I love the way your pumpkin turned out. The blue and orange color combo styled together is stunning. What a smart and easy idea. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing. Pinned!

  4. Kim, I love anything blue n white. Remember using Mod Podge and cards to cover plaques, boxes…good memories. The finished pumpkin is beautiful.
    Love the links.

  5. Not sure if my comment went through so going to send again, I love this beautiful DIY and really need to try it myself! I love the pattern you did and how beautiful it looks styled in your home! Thanks so much for joining us for Welcome Home Saturday!! I’m so glad you shared this post!

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