Have you ever taken on a project you thought would go much faster than it did? That’s what happened with my dollhouse project. I know it’s been a while since I’ve had an update on how to make an old dollhouse new – part 2, but today the wait is over!

If you missed How To Make An Old Dollhouse New – Part 1, make sure to check it!

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.”
― Elbert Hubbard

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Priming & Painting The Dollhouse

Last time we met, the doll house was ready for priming and painting. Do that the fact that we don’t know how old this dollhouse is, we assumed led paint may have been used. Therefore, we used a primer made to seal lead paint before we starting painting with the Black Dog Salvage Paint.

I have loved using their products on this project! The best part..they have given me a code that you can use when ordering paint for yourself and receive a 20% discount! Just use the code COTTAGE20.

Once primed we painted the entire house, inside and out, with Clean Canvas from Black Dog Salvage Paint. We let the house dry overnight and then lightly sanded the outside of the house.

I used Black Dog Salvage Paint’s furniture paint recipe. Mixing Baby I’m Amazed and I Need A Bandage together created this pretty color on the outside of the house.

We did use some of the color Baby I’m Amazed, which is a yellow color, to paint the bedroom inside the house.

The Wallpaper

I wanted to keep the old fashion feel of the dollhouse and using wallpaper was the perfect addition.

I can certainly say this, dollhouse wallpaper is not cheap! If you plan on doing a DIY dollhouse and you are on a budget, wallpaper is not going to be the best route. Painting is much more budget-friendly and you can make the rooms look just as cute. I chose to do both in this house.

Accessories & Furniture

Adding the accessories and furniture was really the fun part for me! You can find dollhouse furniture and accessories at a variety of places. Most of what I bought came from Amazon and Etsy. Places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels and your local hobby stores will have pieces as well. I found that the hobby stores near me were way more expensive than what I could find elsewhere.

Using coupons at chain craft stores is always a good option too.

“The happiest adults are those who never buried old toys or abandoned imaginary friends.” Richelle E. Goodrich

The Last Step – (For Now)

The dollhouse originally had caster wheels on the bottom. We removed them when we first took the house apart. I wanted the dollhouse to have a little height to it, so adding wooden feet was the best option.

They come unfinished, so a little paint was all they needed!

Once dry, we glued them to the bottom of the house.

How To Make An Old Dollhouse New

So many people create and refurbish dollhouses as a hobby. You can really stretch the process out even over years and work on them for fun and relaxation.

The next time we build one, I think it might be from one of the amazing kits they have on the market now.

This dollhouse will continue to be a work in progress. There are always things to add and buy to make them more enjoyable and pretty!

The dollhouse is painted, wallpapered and most of the furnishings have been purchased. Like I said earlier, we still need to get the bathroom in order and I have some lighting and other accessories I would like to add, but for now it is ready to be played with.

Although this was a long process, it was so much fun doing it for our granddaughter! It is such a great joy for us to see her playing with it! Big Al and I pray her and her baby sisters will love it for years to come!

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  1. Kim, it is adorable! A true labor of love. You did an amazing job…and those grands will love playing with it for years. My niece’s husband made a huge dollhouse for their 3 daughters’ American Girl 18” dolls. I can’t wait to show her yours. Theirs, too, will continue to be a work in progress.

  2. Kim, I thought your chair picture was our size!!! Everything about this sweet little house is perfect! I’ll send Gigi over to play!

  3. Beautiful job, Kim! I am sure it will get years off use by those beautiful girls. Worth the time. I will keep these tips in mind for the future!

  4. Sper cute! I love it. Several years ago, we found an old dollhouse in a goodwill store window. It was only $7. We spent hours upon hours on fixing it up. What a fun project. Hugs to you.

  5. I just love your doll house! What a difference from the first pictures. Wow! Im sure your grandbabies love it.

  6. I would have loved a dollhouse like that. Lovely job. I unfortunately got a grandaughter who preferred horses instead of dolls. It has become a lovely horsewoman.

  7. This turned out so cute! I couldn’t wait to see it. I was asking Brooklyn last week if she got anything ‘special’ for Christmas but I didn’t want to give it away if you didn’t finish it. So I asked Alyssa yesterday and she said Brooklyn has been playing with it. Adorable!

  8. Kim, that turned out so well!! Your attention to detail is really amazing. Brooke Will absolutely love playing with it! Great work !!

  9. You guys did such a great job on the doll house and Brooklyn loves playing with it! It will definitely be something we cherish for years and years!

  10. Kim, you know how much I love this project. You have put some much work and love into this darling vintage doll house. It looks amazing and will be well loved. My grandchildren still play with the one I bought a few years ago. Love how you added legs to it. Stunning!

  11. It looks so adorable, Kim. It reminds me of a dollhouse project I worked on as a young girl…which never got done. Ha! (I guess some things never change) I think it is still in storage at my parent’s house. Maybe I should finish it one of these days.

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