Spring will be here before we know it. For most of us who have endured the bitter cold and snow of winter, we will warmly welcome her! The sunlight will stretch longer and who isn’t happy about that?! The branches and flowers will begin showing the promises of warmth and renewal, too. What better way to celebrate than by inviting in the whispers of spring with beautiful textures and hygge decor for your home!

I’m not an interior designer by trade. I love home decor and continually try to educate myself on home trends. However, I don’t follow all of the design trends. If I did, I’d be forever changing my home. Decorating my home with items I love is a passion. Incorporating the trends I like and those that I think will fit with what I have, I embrace. Most importantly, your home should be a reflection of you!

Today, I want to show you how to infuse Hygge decor into your home, this spring.

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Living room view with chunky blanket and floral elements for Hygge design.

What is Hygge Decor for Your Home?

Have you heard the term Hygge and some may be asking what does it mean? It’s a very popular trend. Essentially, it’s a Danish word for living well, comfortable and content. It’s a way of life. In our neck of the woods, the word cozy would be equivalent. The Hygge color wheel typically features neutrals. If you’ve been here long or know me personally, you know I’m not really a neutral kind of girl when it comes to home decor. However, color is not off limits when it comes to Hygge decor. You can also personalize with elements of hygge with pops of color that spark happiness, and give you a cozy ambiance.

Below is a list of Hygge decor trends. Oh, and if you were wondering how it is pronounced, it is “hoo-gah”.

Embrace Comfort & Coziness

Embracing comfort and cozy is something I’m always here for. No matter what season it is! I have so many throws, quilts, pillows etc., scattered throughout my home. Honestly, there is at least one or maybe two (or three) in every room of my home.

  • Textile Heaven: Layered textures like chunky throws, lighter weight quilts, plush cushions, and pretty rugs scream hygge. Mixing and matching textures helps to create visual interest and comfort, too. Mix and match should be my middle name. I love the concept and like I said, there isn’t a room in my house that doesn’t have that theme.
Beautiful Textures & Hygge Decor for Your Home - Chunky white blanket
Beautiful Textures & Hygge Decor for Your Home - Blue chunky blanket
Beautiful Textures & Hygge Decor for Your Home - Chunky round knit pillows
  • Lighting: If you are looking for cozy, on a rainy spring day, or maybe just after the earlier sunsets, battery operated candles and lamps are perfect to create that feel!
Battery operated gold buffet lamp with small shade.
Battery operated candles with remote control

Keep it Simple & Functional

  • Declutter and Edit: Less is more! Clear away clutter for a calm and spacious feel. Keep decorative items meaningful and functional.
  • Uncluttered Surfaces: Avoid visual clutter. Display items intentionally and minimize open storage for a more serene space. I’m not a big open storage girl, so this speaks to me!

Bring Nature Indoors

This is one of my favorite categories! I love forging items, in every season, to bring the outside in. Last summer, I dried some of my Nantucket Blue hydrangeas for the first time. You can read my post How to Dry Hydrangeas for Beginners, if you would like to try drying them yourself.

I used the dried hydrangeas late in the summer, early fall last year, and I decided they were perfect for spring, too. Showcasing them in a beautiful gold vessel, pairing them with a stone bird, and using a wooden tray, created the perfect spring centerpiece.

Beautiful Textures & Hygge Decor for Your Home - Hydrangeas, stone bird and wooden tray on dining table.

I also have a renewed love for plants in my home, which lends perfectly to the Hygge vibe. Fresh and faux florals are a great way to lend a pop of color, bringing the aspect of joy into your Hygge decor.

“You cannot buy the right atmosphere or a sense of togetherness. You cannot hygge if you are in a hurry or stressed out, and the art of creating intimacy cannot be bought by anything but time, interest and engagement in the people around you.” ― Meik Wiking, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

    • Plant Power: Hygge believes that greenery adds life and freshness to any space. 
    • Seasonal Touches: Incorporate natural elements like pine cones, branches such as forsythia and pussy willows, or flowers depending on the season.
    Faux forsythia branches
    Faux pussy willow branches

    Natural Textures: Using baskets, wooden bowls, trays and stone accents are the ideal connection to nature.

    Whispers of Spring: Beautiful Textures & Hygge Decor for Your Home - Double wooden trays

    Personal Touches & Storytelling

    Another aspect of Hygge living is spending time with the people you love and making memories with them. Whether it’s crafting, quilting, sharing a meal, all are important traits of Hygge living. Displaying those memories, when you can, is another aspect for Hygge living.

    • Handmade & Heirlooms: Almost everyone has cherished items like pottery, woven blankets, or vintage finds that are special to them. Make sure to display those items that add warmth and tell stories.
    • Photos & Memories: Surround yourself with your favorite people and places through photos, artwork and crafts, displaying them throughout your home. Creating a gallery wall with photos and special items is a great option for displaying these items.
    • Candles & Scents: I don’t know about you, but certain scents or diffusing essential oils create cozy feelings and spark memories for me. Choose scents that bring you comfort. I love cinnamon, vanilla, or lavender!
    Hygge home decor - calming Eucalyptus and Sage candle
    Essential oil decorative home diffuser

    Whispers of Spring: Beautiful Textures & Hygge Decor for Your Home

    I hope I’ve shown you that by embracing these Hygge design elements, you can cultivate a haven of comfort and contentment in your own home. So, get cozy, light some candles, and let the hygge atmosphere wash over you.

    Here’s to a spring that makes you happy and a home that exudes comfort and joyfulness!

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    1. I’ve been a little Hygge all my life lol! Have had wood, plants, rocks, shell, afghans and throws in baskets, over chairs. It’s interesting to learn name to describe it. Used to say Eclectic, or Organic

    2. I love Hygge esthetic. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas. They go great with my MCM furniture.

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