It’s the weekend and you know what that means! Time for more of my Mitten Moments. Grab your favorite cup of or snack and come on over!

My Personal Moments

I took my oldest granddaughter for a walk when I was watching her earlier in the week and you know what we found? Orange and gold on the tips of one of the trees in her neighborhood. I could hardly believe it since it is still August, but it’s true.

See for yourself!

Do you have more weddings than usual this year? We had wedding number four of seven this weekend. Everyone is finally getting married due to the Covid delay. Big Al and I had a great time! You can see my handsome son and beautiful DIL had a good time too!

This Week On The Blog

I’ve recently had so much fun adding my favorite fall accent color to my blue and white decor. Earlier in the week I shared what that color is in my post The Best Accent Color For Blue & White This Fall.

If you didn’t see it, can you guess what it is?

It’s orange! It looks so pretty with blue and white.

Let me know if you like blue and white too!

A Few Of My Favorite Mitten Moments

I must have been really hungry this week, because most of my favorite moments consisted of food!

Okay, I have a confession. I love sweets…for breakfast and especially after lunch and dinner. Growing up in a southern family, there was always some kind of homemade sweet for dessert. Desserts like homemade banana pudding.

Can you relate?

Needless to say, when I saw the Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Bread With Crumble Topping shared by Elizabeth at Pinecones and Acorns, it stopped me mid-scroll!

Check it out for yourself!

You better believe I’ll be making this recipe!

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”
– Cesar Chavez

Raise your hand if you love or have ever made a charcuterie board.

Yep, me too!

I’m on the charcuterie board train and have so much fun being creative with them! They are the perfect snack for any size gathering and there’s always something on them that everyone likes.

Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse shared How to Make Individual Appetizers Mini Charcuterie Board Ideas and wait until you see them!

She even made a rosette out of salami! You have to go check out her blog!

Do you love hummus? It’s always a staple in our home.

Stacy from Bricks ‘n Blooms shared an Easy Hummus Recipe With Rice Cake Flowers.

These are the prettiest rice cake treats, ever!

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments I found this week:

These 9 Easy Ideas to Update a Bedroom

This Autumn Apple & Pecan Salad

These Tips On Digging Up Dahlia Tubers And Storing Them

These 7 Simple Ideas For Creating A Beautiful Autumn Tablescape

These 4 Ways To Transform Dollar Tree Pumpkins

These Beachy Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

That’s all my Mitten Moments for this week! Did I make you hungry?

As always, I’m so grateful you stopped by today!

This coming week I’ll be sharing the cutest and easiest fall lantern I recently made. I am also going to try and make it to The Found Cottage Mercentile Market next weekend and I’m hoping to share that with you too! So stay tuned!

I hope all the moments of your weekend are all you dreamed of and more!

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  1. Love all the orange blending with the Blue and white! What a great idea. I had usually done gold but love the orange!

  2. I ordered one of your wreaths Kim and absolutely love it! Now I’m eyeballing the orange pumpkin pillow and the rust colored vase. Maybe you’ll make a decorator out of me yet! ♥️

  3. Love you fall decor Kim and how nice to see you dancing the night away at a wedding. Wow 4 of 7??? Glad that life seems to be getting back to normal.

  4. Kim I am loving all of your Fall touches. You know I love blue. Would you believe we have been to 0 weddings this year! Ha! You looked like you had fun. So thankful that you shared my teen beachy mood board for girls! Have a great week!

  5. I’ve got a sweet tooth, and stopped mid scroll on the pumpkin bread. Well give that a try this fall. Love your addition of color to give your decor a boost. Orange is warm and inviting. Not just for fall.
    Love the links today. Updating a bedroom, apple salad, tubers…keep posting!

  6. Kim, thank you so much for sharing a link to my autumn apple and pecan salad. I hope you enjoy it if you get to try it. It’s my new favorite healthy lunch to take to work!

    Cheers to a new week!

  7. Kim, 7 weddings this year! That sounds like a lot of fun! Love the photo of you and your husband!
    Thank you for sharing my bread! I hope that you try it!
    Love your Fall decor, the orange is perfect with the blue and white touches.

    Have a wonderful week!

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