Happy Sunday and welcome to my Mitten Moments. You know, all those good, yummy and pretty moments from my week!

My Personal Mitten Moments

My 2023 has gotten off to a slow start and I’ve decided that’s just fine! After a hectic, very busy blogging and holiday season, I needed to give my self some grace. Stepping back and relaxing was a much needed break.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott.

My home decor has been a slow process since taking down all the holiday decor. I’m just starting to add some refreshes into my main living spaces. I really needed to live with it kind of in a “bare bones” state while I decided what to do.

I’ve been adding some new items and will share with you here soon!

Here is a little sneak peak!

Affiliate links are used in this post. Read my full disclosure here.

I’ve finally picked my word of the year! BRAVE. I definitely have some things to be brave for in 2023.

I did the She Pen’s Truth Word of the Year Bible Study and it was so good! If you are looking to declare a word of the year, I highly recommend her study.

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24

We cut the cord to cable this week. Big Al and I have wanted to do it for a long time and we finally made the move. Just streaming and YouTube TV for us, now. Since it’s all about streaming, I started watching Emily in Paris on Netflix. I know, I know…I’m late to the game but I really like it!

Recently On The Blog

Do you use area rugs in your home? Almost everyone I know does, including myself! This week on the blog, I shared The Best & Beautiful Rugs This Season.

With so many gorgeous options out there AND with tons of rugs on sale, I wanted to share all the goodness I found with you! I hope you had the chance to check it out and if not I would love for you to take a visit!

I’m helping my son decorate his new home, the Cottage in the Mitten Jr., as he calls it! You better believe some new rugs will be purchased!

Stay tuned for more decor updates on his new place in the coming months!

A Few Of My Favorite Moments

Not only do I love sharing DIY and home decor with all of you, I enjoy sharing fun recipes from my blogging friends as well.

Stacey from Garlic, Salt and Lime shared these yummy Chicken Tinga Enchiladas. I’m a girl who loves Mexican and this recipe looks amazing and is healthy!

Do you have a green thumb? I spend so much time during the summer, tending to my flowers and garden, but up until this week, I didn’t have one plant inside my home. My good buddy, Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill, shared Why You Need More Houseplants: Benefits for Your Home.

This is a post I definitely needed!

If you are looking for a new blog to follow, my friend Molly from Molly in Maine has the most beautiful views! She is all about coastal living, homemade food, the color blue, and home decor that tells a story.

Did I mention she has the cutest Springer Spaniels?

If it’s a pretty view and good content you’re looking for, check her out!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? If so, you don’t want to miss this budget-friendly post. My good friend Tammy from White Lilac Farmhouse shared How To Decorate On A Budget For Valentine’s Day.

This garland is so cute and perfect for your mantel or shelf in your home.

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL mitten moments I found:

This DIY concrete candle holder

This fresh lemon wreath

These how to tips on planting seeds indoors without a greenhouse

This vintage mid-century modern furniture flip

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” – Mother Teresa

It has been a couple of weeks of resting, reflecting and just being in the moments of my life. Those moments, no matter how small they seem, are so important.

Speaking of important, while driving in the car with my 91 year old mom this week, she said, “I sure miss driving my car and listening to the radio.” So I turned up the Yacht Rock and we enjoyed the ride. While she tapped her hands on her legs to the beat of the music, I was remined how sometimes it’s the little moments that are the most memorable.

That’s all of my Mitten Moments for today.

I hope you enjoyed each and every moment of your Sunday and I hope you enjoy the new week to come!

Thanks for visiting me today! I am always so grateful you’ve come!

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  1. Hi Kim, I recently started following your blog. I so enjoy reading what you say. I love your comment regarding your 91 year old mom tapping her hands to the music! She sounds very delightful. Enjoy every moment with her even the difficult ones!!! I so wish my mom was still here!!

  2. I love that you’re giving yourself grace for starting the year slowly Kim. I’ve been doing the same thing here. Love all the features and inspiration in your post today. And those rugs! Happy New Year my friend.

  3. Glad you had that moment with your mom♥️ Those are the little bits to slow and cherish during this quiet season. Thanks for sharing all this with us!

  4. What a sweet memory made with your Mom to treasure. Always love reading your Mitten Moments. My word for the year, “fruition”, came in a brief moment when I least expected it…had been praying for the new year and I love that this one dropped into place. Have the definition printed out! Have a great week, sweet friend!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my Valentine’s Budget post. It was so wonderful of you to share. I think the word you choose this year is great. Although I have selected a word every year for the past 10, it is the first time taking She Pen’s Truth Word of the Year Bible Study. It was a wonderful Bible study.

  6. Hi, Kim! Thank you so much for sharing my blog today! That means a lot to me as I try to grow. And yes, I need to tell myself more often that it is okay to take things slow. I tend to have a hard time with that, haha. I am just putting away my Christmas decor and trying to decide what I want to do for winter. I am happy with some areas, but others definitely still need some tweaking! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Love the bare bones start. Looking forward to ideas as I move in my home.
    Your mirror is beautiful. Love the quote and links. Enchiladas look delicious.
    Started a “Bible in a year”, this Month with Fr Mike by Ascension on Spotify.

  8. Kim,
    SO many things about this post to love. The first, the slow start to the new year. I have been doing and feeling the same. I am worn out from the end of 2022.
    I am moving things around the house and putting things back after taking down all of the decorations. I will admit, I miss the light of the Christmas trees.
    Off to check out all of your links!

  9. What a special moment with your mom! We’re moving slowly down here in NC so far this year too. Grace is a good thing!

  10. I look forward to your posts, Kim. I’m behind on reading them so I’m trying to catch up. I’ve also enjoyed following some of your fellow bloggers. I don’t always get to read them but enjoy them when I do. Thank you for inspiring me!

  11. Kim, you found your candlesticks and Love that vignette! Also chose my word for the year…FIERCE! Happy Friday, see you later!

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