Get Growing: Essential Raised Bed Supplies

Cottage in the Mitten

Dreaming of a flourishing garden but tight on space? Raised beds are the perfect solution!  This story equips you with the essential supplies to cultivate your own veggie haven.

The Right Foundation

Make sure you have sturdy raised bed frames made from wood, metal, or recycled materials.

Having the Proper Soil

Having the proper soil is one of the most important tools in your quest for a successful garden. Worm castings can improve water retention and aeration, as well.

Tomato Cages

Consider using tomato cages to provide support as your plants grow taller. It prevents them from breaking under the weight of heavy fruit.

Train your climbing beans and peas for vertical growth with sturdy trellises, maximizing space and keeping your harvest easy to reach.


Now that you have the essentials, choose your favorite vegetables, herbs, or flowers and get planting!

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