How to Build an Easy Stone Birdhouse

Cottage in the Mitten

Fall is a great time to get creative and make some new birdhouses for your backyard. This stone birdhouse is a beautiful and easy-to-build project that will attract birds to your yard for years to come.

- Wooden birdhouse - Spray paint - Silicone or bonding agent - Urethane - semi-gloss - Stones


Step One

First, spray paint the birdhouse and let it dry overnight. Grey paint works best in case of any gaps between stones.

Step Two 

Flat stones work best. Spray only one side of the stones with urethane. The other side will not be seen. The urethane will bring out the true color of the stone.

Gather Stones

Step Three

Begin adding your stones with silicone. Adding the stones is like a puzzle. You’ll need to try different stones before you find the one that fits just right.

Continue the process until you fill each side of the birdhouse. I chose to leave the roof painted.

My DIY stone birdhouse was definitely a fun project, from finding the stones to creating the birdhouse.

Whether you use outdoors or indoors in your home decor, anyone can create this easy DIY stone birdhouse. 

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