How to Paint Furniture with Milk Paint

Cottage in the Mitten

Looking for a unique and easy way to update your furniture? Milk paint is a great option! It's a natural and eco-friendly paint that can give your furniture a distressed, farmhouse, or shabby chic look. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Gather Your Supplies

– Milk paint powder/Water – Cleaning solution – A natural bristle paintbrush – Primer (optional) – Topcoat (optional)

Prepare the Furniture

First, clean the furniture with something like Simple Green. Remove drawers & hardware. If your furniture is already painted, you may want to prime it to ensure that the milk paint adheres well.

Mix & Apply Milk Paint

Be sure to mix powder and water until the paint is smooth and there are no lumps. I use a whisk when mixing. Apply paint with a natural bristle brush. Make sure to let paint dry completely in between coats.


Clean hardware and spray paint to get the desired look you want. 

For a special touch, finish off your furniture by adding contact paper to the drawers.

Line Draws

Use a top coat on your furniture before adding hardware back on. I like to use hemp oil with the same kind of brush.

That's it! You've now successfully painted your furniture with milk paint. Enjoy your new and improved furniture!

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