Plaid Perfection: DIY Pottery Barn Frame Hack

Cottage in the Mitten

Love the cozy charm of Pottery Barn's tartan plaid photo frames, but not the price tag? You're not alone! This DIY project lets you recreate the look for a fraction of the cost, using simple materials and a touch of creativity.

Gather Your Supplies

– Photo frames – Tartan plaid fabric – Fabric spray glue – Scissors – Photos of your choice

Lay your fabric with the right side facing downwards, then position your mat on top of the fabric. Trim the fabric carefully, leaving a half-inch margin around both the outside and inside of the mat frame.

With your scissors carefully cut a slit on the inside of the fabric, at each corner. This will allow you to fold the fabric over neatly.

I used spray glue to adhere the fabric to the frame. Here’s a tip, before you start spraying your mat, make a smaller template of the mat laying and lay it on top of your mat, leaving a 1/2 inch exposed. By doing this the whole mat will not be sticky.

Once sprayed, start in the center and fold over the fabric on each side. Then work your way to the outer edges and complete the same process.

Once complete, this is the way it will look from the back.

The final step is to add your photos. You can use personal photos or download free images to use.

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