Raised Bed Trellises: Maximize Your Garden Space

Cottage in the Mitten

Did you know that unlocking the full potential of your raised bed garden can be as simple as adding a trellis? Using vertical support structures not only creates a beautiful and organized space, but also maximizes your growing area, improves plant health, and makes harvesting a breeze.

Trellis Benefits

Supporting larger garden plants is essential. It also helps to improve air circulation, sunlight exposure, and creates the most space in your garden.

Picking the Perfect Trellis for Your Needs

Consider all that you are planting. Once you know how many climbing and shade vegetables you will be growing, then you can decide what will work best for you.

Teepee Trellis

A teepee trellis works great for beans, peas, cucumbers and other vining veggies. This type of trellis will allow your plants to grow upwards and outwards.

The Tomato Cage

Cages are essential when it comes to supporting your tomatoes. A cage provides the needed support for the weight of your tomatoes.

Cattle Paneling Fencing

Cattle fencing can be both beautiful and functional. They’re ideal for climbing veggies, such as, pole beans, squash, cucumbers and gourds.

Trellises are a great way to enhance your raised bed gardens, maximize space, and create a beautiful display.

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