Rustic Pinecone Napkin Rings: DIY Christmas Charm

Cottage in the Mitten

These rustic DIY napkin rings are the perfect addition to your holiday table. They are easy to make and look great with any Christmas table décor.

Gather Your Supplies

– Jute twine (I used the 3.5mm) – Pinecones – Hot glue gun – Empty paper towel/toilet roll

Create the Rings

Depending on the size of your twine will depend on how thick you cut the individual rings. I cut mine at 5/8 of an inch.

Continue cutting the rings until you have the number of pieces you need.

Cut the Jute Twine

1. Cut strips of twine about 24 inches long. 2. Apply a thin layer of hot glue to the paper roll.

3. Begin wrapping the twine around the paper roll, overlapping each layer slightly. 4. Continue wrapping until you reach the desired thickness. 5. Cut off any excess twine.

Last step, add your mini pinecone to the DIY rustic napkin ring.

These napkin rings are the perfect touch for your traditional and rustic holiday table!

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