Easy Fall Table Setting

Cottage in the Mitten

Creating an easy and inviting fall table setting is a wonderful way to embrace the season's warmth and charm. Here are a few simple steps to achieve a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that's easy to create.

Choose a Color Palette

Start by selecting a fall color palette. I chose blue, orange and brown for this setting.

Lay the Foundation

Lay down a tablecloth or table runner that compliments your chosen color scheme.


Create a focal point with a seasonal centerpiece. Use something that can be effortless an charming.


Use your everyday dinnerware or opt for rustic and seasonal-themed dishes. Don't be afraid to mix and match what you already have.

Use linens that you currently have. Mix and match like colors to complete your table setting.

Table Linens

Finally, add some warm and cozy ambiance with candles. Sprinkle some small decorative elements like pinecones, dried corn, or mini pumpkins.

With these easy steps, you can set a charming fall table that welcomes your guests and captures the cozy essence of the season. Enjoy your autumn gathering!

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