I love using traditional colors in my Christmas decor and that is no exception to my porches outside! I’m going to show you my 3 easy ways to create a simple Christmas Porch. It can be done without a lot of effort and your guests will definitely feel welcomed!

My vision was a pretty wrapped door, a festive wreath, and some simple Christmas decor.

Creating A Welcoming Porch

I’ve read that a porch should be an extension of the interior of your home. I couldn’t agree more! From the minute my friends and family walk up to my home, I want them to feel invited, warm and welcomed! I always view having them in my home as a gift and I want them to feel at home, even as they approach and walk through the door.

When you take the time to decorate the entrances to your home you are giving your home that extra curb appeal.

“May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door, and happiness be guided to your home by the light of the candle of Christmas.” – Frank McGinity

Back in the day, when I was growing up, my mother would add decorate for the seasons. At Christmas she would decorate our front door with wrapping paper and a bow. I always looked forward to it!

How could I not? The entry to our home looked like a giant present just waiting to be opened!

What’s more inviting than that!

This year, I decided to bring that tradition back to my own home. Now that our oldest granddaughter is big enough to really enjoy the season, it seems extra important to bring the magic of Christmas to a whole new level!

Decking Out The Door

All you need for the door is wrapping paper and some ribbon. I was looking for a solid red paper. Our door is 35 inches wide and I had a hard time finding solid red paper that wide. Maybe because it’s so early in the season, but nontheless, I settled for 30 inches and used two pieces.

The divison between the paper was the perfect place to add the ribbon. If you lay the ribbon along the seam, no one will know that the paper isn’t in one full piece.

The hardest part in adding the wrapping paper is cutting around the hardware. I used a sharp utility knife to cut a star shaped pattern over the door knob. I carefully push the door knob through.

Using the same knife I cut right around the deadbolt lock. It’s not exact but no one will see it from the street or even pay attention when they walk up to the door.

I opted to add ribbon instead of a bow. Green was the easy choice. Besides, what’s more Christmas traditional than red and green together?

I added one piece vertically over the seam where the two pieces of paper overlapped and the other horizontally. I placed the horizontal piece low enough, so that my wreath would hang above it.

Adding A Festive Wreath

Did you see my DIY wreath project, How To Make An Expensive Christmas Wreath For Less? I found a wreath that I just had to have, but didn’t want to pay the price. Determined to have that wreath, I made my own version of it. I did so with the purpose of using it for my side porch entrance, this Christmas season.

I think it looks simple, yet elegant, and love how it turned out.

It was the perfect addition to this Cottage in the Mitten Christmas door!

Another little secret, I purchased a red door hanger so it would blend into the paper.

Simple Christmas Decor Items

Step three in my decorating process was adding some Christmas accents. Some I acquired recently and some I’ve had.

Our friends have a wonderful cottage, up north, on Lake St. Clair. Last fall, while we were up visiting for the weekend, I noticed a few birch trees they had to cut down. I couldn’t let those beautiful white logs go to waste, so I snagged them for my Christmas decor.

Forged and free!

I considered added them to a planter with some greenery, however the space is tight and decided to take some of the birch logs and a decorative box I bought.

Every present has to have a gift tag, right? For some added fun, I added a “xoxo” wooden gift tag.

Last, I added two wooden signs. One above the door and one next to the door.

Other Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

  • Add garland
  • Christmas lights
  • Topiaries
  • Blankets draped over chairs
  • A mini pine tree
  • Wrapped packages

3 Easy Ways To Create A Simple Christmas Porch

There you have it! A pretty wrapped door, a festive wreath, and some simple Christmas decor. Three Easy ways to create an inviting Christmas porch and entryway, for your family and friends.

I hope you’re blessed with wonderful memories this Christmas Season!

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