Jingle bells, mistletoe, and…a rustic twine photo display. I’m always looking for ways to display snapshots of loved ones or Christmas cards we receive. I think I’ve created a decorative option! So grab your twine, a twinkle of creativity, and let’s jingle all the way to a Merry DIY masterpiece!

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Jingle All the Twine: A Merry DIY Photo Display - Finished frame project with jute twine

Creating Your Merry DIY Photo/Card Display

This merry twine photo display is perfect for anyone who craves a touch of rustic charm and handmade magic in their holiday decor. Whether you’re a sentimental soul who treasures every memory, a creative spirit who loves a good craft project, or a festive host seeking a unique centerpiece, this project will warm your heart.

I originally created this for family photos but you can see how I decided to use it for my holiday Christmas cards that I received. Either way is a great option!

This season, I also created a DIY Tartan Plaid Photo Frame, which would also be perfect for your favorite photos!


  • Frame
  • Heavy twine
  • Small clothespins
  • Your favorite Christmas photos or cards

Step 1 – Hunt for the Perfect Frame

First you have to find the right canvas for your memory maker! Below are some of my favorite tips for hunting down your ideal frame.

Thrift the Past: Scour your local thrift stores, flea markets, and vintage shops for hidden treasures. Imagine a weathered wooden frame with chipped paint, telling stories of holidays past. Maybe a sleek, minimalist frame in black or white will provide a modern backdrop for your photos.

Upcycle with Love: Breathe new life into an old frame! Repurpose a forgotten picture frame with a fresh coat of paint. You could even deconstruct a larger frame or mirror and use for your display.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Andy Warhol

Size Matters: Consider the number and size of photos you want to display. A large frame will offer ample space for a large collage, while smaller frames can create intimate vignettes. Remember, the frame should complement your photos or cards, not compete with them.

Embrace the Imperfect: Don’t worry about finding a pristine frame. Imperfections like minor scratches or chipped edges can add charm and character to your project.

Jingle All the Twine: A Merry DIY Photo Display - Empty large white frame without glass for photo twine project

Step 2 – Stringing Joy with Twine

Now that we have the perfect frame, it’s time to transform it into a masterpiece of rustic charm!

Gather your twine: Choose a twine that complements your frame and overall aesthetic. Consider natural jute for an earthy vibe, metallic threads for a touch of sparkle, or even colorful baker’s twine for a playful pop.

Prep the stage: Lay the frame face down. You can use masking tape to mark the areas where your twine will be anchored. I only had three rows, so I used a measuring tape. This will help you maintain a consistent and balanced layout.

Anchor the twine: I used a glue gun to adhere the twine. The cards I chose to use weren’t heavy and I knew the glue would hold up well. Depending on your frame, you can use nails, screws, or even strong adhesive to secure the twine ends. Make sure they are firmly anchored to withstand the weight of your photos or cards you choose.

A friendly reminder to be careful not to burn yourself with that trusty glue gun!

A Merry DIY Photo Display

This isn’t just a photo display; it’s a fun celebration of laughter, love, and the magic of making memories! The best kind of holiday cheer is always the one we create ourselves, isn’t it? Happy crafting, merry twining, and may your walls forever sing with the stories woven in twine!

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Happy holidays and happy crafting! ❤️

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Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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  1. I have a few old frames. Repurpose will be a beautiful. Cards always fall down on table. Love the book lover and stocking stuffer ideas.
    We always get scratch offs.

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