Seasons… they are forever changing. Here in the Mitten, winter brings the start of a new year, cold weather, the memory of snow days, and fires burning bright. The season that follows is Spring. It does just that. It springs forward, moving time and everything pretty into growth. Summer screams warm weather, sun, and vacation. Fall entices us with its beautiful palate, the smells of all things pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and a time for harvest. When you live in a place where the seasons are so distinct you look forward to each one, anticipating what they will bring. It’s a new cottage season for me.

I believe our lives mimic the constant change of seasons. Each season blesses us with memories of those gone by and creates new ones unique to each of us. I feel God has been preparing me for THIS season for quite a long time.

Ive been married to Big Al for thirty years. I’m a mom to three handsome sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and mimi to one perfect little beauty. I love all things home decor, DIY projects, sewing, and crafting. I fiercely adore family and friends. For the last three years, I have made blankets. I am passionate about creating them. I specifically love putting each one together. It really started out of a need for something to craft and having scraps of material laying around. So… I have continually made blankets feeling like there was a bigger purpose for them.

My middle son, who is currently 24, has been battling a benign meningioma brain tumor since 2011. He has had four brain surgeries, countless tests and MRI’s since being diagnosed and has an amazing outlook on life, even at the scariest of times. He uses his story for good; to encourage others. As parents, we don’t always get to choose what happens to our children, but I truly believe that God uses everything for good… yes, even the really hard, difficult things in life. So after years of making blankets, it has been laid on my heart to use this social media forum to create and sell my blankets, donating a portion of the proceeds to help find a cure for brain tumors. Each blanket I design has one square where the pattern is upside down. That square represents those who are fighting the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Moving forward, it is my hope to share my blankets, my heart, and some fun DIY projects.

Welcome to my new season. Welcome to Cottage in the Mitten 8:28. I hope you enjoy my page. I hope you invite your friends. I’m so glad you’re here!


xo – 8:28

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