Are you like me and already thinking of Spring? I do love the snow, I really, really do, but who doesn’t love all the pretty things that Spring brings? Flowers, sunshine, trees blooming, green grass, and the sweet sound of birds singing. Speaking of birds, today I am going to show you how to make a decorative birdhouse.

Last year, during the first few weeks of our Covid quarantine, I was looking forward to all things Spring and hunting for a project to do.

Hunting for a reason to be out of the house, really!

During the Covid shopping days on-line, I had been looking at some pretty birdhouses. I decided I wanted one for the backyard, so I thought, why not create one myself.

Here are my very simple steps to painting and decorating on a budget.

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Creating The Birdhouse

1. I ordered a plain wooden birdhouse online. There are so many options, in all different shapes and sizes. Having one I could mount was what I wanted. If you are looking to hang one from a tree, there are plenty of birdhouses that already have strings attached so you can hang them instead.

2. Picking out a color was next. I used spray paint because it was what I had on hand and didn’t want to purchase anything special for it. I am sure you have cans of spray paint or those small sample containers of paint from the hardware that would work great, too. Remember, the whole idea for me was to make it inexpensively.

I always spray paint in the garage or outside. Since it was nice, I headed outside to paint my wooden house. I let it dry over night before I completed the next step.

3. I was going to paint some flowers on it with some stencils I already had. However, Mr. Mitten bought me an amazing Kitchen Aid mixer and he put beautiful floral decals on it for me as a surprise. I had a few of those decals left, so I used those. You can honestly decorate with whatever you have on hand. I am working on another one now and using rocks that I collected from our beach trips last year.

4. I wanted to mount it so I could put it in an area of my backyard landscaping. I went into the garage and found an old 2×4 and painted it white. Mr. Mitten cut a small piece of wood so I could mount the birdhouse to that, before mounting to the 2×4. Once both pieces dried, I mounted the birdhouse. I used wood glue and nails to make sure it was secure.

It’s as easy as that! It was a fun weekend project and the only cost was the price of the birdhouse.

I hope this post encourages you to try one yourself. I hope I have shown you how inexpensive and easy it is to create a decorative birdhouse.

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