It’s the first full week of the autumn season and there’s no better time to embark on the journey of crafting your very own fall scene within your home. I’ll show you my secrets to creating a stunning fall vignette with ease. I’ve used pieces that have been forged and those I’ve used in other areas of my home plenty of times before.

Secrets to Creating a Stunning Fall Vignette with Ease - DIY Autumn Vignette

I’m not the only one sharing their fall vignette today. Each month, some of my blogging friends and I do a Pinterest Challenge, hosted by my friend Cindy from County Road 407. The challenge is to recreate our version of an inspiration photo. Super fun and easy!

Below is our fall vignette challenge for the month of September, featured by The Cottage Journal. If you are coming over from my friend, Barbara from French Ethereal, thanks so much for stopping by my corner of the world! I’m thrilled you are here!

If you’re new, my name is Kim and I’ve lived in Michigan (otherwise known as the Mitten) my whole life. That means I root for the Michigan Wolverines and the Detroit Lions! The University of Tennessee is a close second! I love all things home decor, DIY, a good book and a good cup of tea. This is the place where I share my lifestyle, with the hope that you are inspired by what you see and hear!

Secrets to Creating a Stunning Fall Vignette with Ease - Inspiration photo

“There is something so special in the early leaves drifting from the trees–as if we are all to be allowed a chance to peel, to refresh, to start again.”Ruth Ahmed

Items to Create a Stunning Fall Vignette

What are the items used to create a stunning fall vignette? The secret to creating a pretty space, or in this case, an autumn vignette, is using items that brings you joy when you look at it. Yes, we create beautiful spaces for all who enter into our home, but it’s important to incorporate items you especially love. Doing that makes the creative process easier!

We all have sentimental pieces that mean something to us. It may be a vase, a sentimental picture, your favorite book or forged branches from a favorite tree outside your home. Whatever it is, try and use or reuse something that speaks to your heart. That works as the perfect fall home decor and now you know my secret!

For this particular vignette I used:

  • A gold vase
  • Faux stems
  • Old books
  • Forged acorns and pinecones
  • Artwork
  • One candle

Most of these items have previously been used in different projects before. Remember, when you create your own fall vignette, some of your items will vary.

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Secrets to Creating a Stunning Fall Vignette with Ease - Pinterest Challenge

My Fall Vignette

First, I started by moving everything off my cabinet and gave it a good cleaning. Even if I thought it looked clean, I’m here to tell you it needed to be dusted! Once clean and ready to go, the fun started! Having no desire to purchase anything new, it was my goal to use what I already had on hand. As a result, creating a vignette with what you have on hand is an exercise in resourcefulness and pushes you to be creative.

I have so many faux flowers in my crafting closet. I used some orange and red leaves, eucalyptus and some fun straw pumpkins. I’ve used them all before, however, they look different when you use them in different vessels. I breathed new life into an old gold vase I’ve had for years, transforming it into the centerpiece for my fall vignette.

I pulled out some books and removed their covers. Books without covers just look more vintage and warn. Being in the spirit of the fall season, one of the books I used was a favorite Alfred Hitchcock book. Remember, how I said to use things that make you smile and bring you joy? No one else will probably notice the Hitchcock book, but I do!

I added a few pinecones and a light orange candle to the top and sides of the books. I have a beautiful pottery dish that my sister-in-law made for me. Another piece that makes my heart happy! If you saw my Easy Fall Home Tour, you saw the bowl there, too. I filled it with forged acorns and placed it between the gold vase and free printable artwork I used.

Secrets to Creating a Stunning Fall Vignette with Ease

As you gather your favorite fall items, incorporate personal touches, and embrace the spirit of the season, remember that the true magic of a fall vignette is in the joy it brings to your heart and the warmth it imparts to your home.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the Mitten and feel a little inspired! I would love to share my new and exclusive content with you. If you can’t wait to see what’s next, you can sign-up here.

Before you leave, make sure you head on over to our hostess, Cindy from County Road 407. Her vignette is one you won’t want to miss!

Happy decorating!

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Secrets to Creating a Stunning Fall Vignette with Ease - Pinterest Graphic

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  1. These fall stems are all so bright and colorful. I wish the leaves changed like that in Florida. They’re so pretty. I also love the stack of blue books. It really makes the orange pop. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Kim, love how your tablescape turned out! Love the fall-inspired vase with the leaves and yes, it would be cool to read your Alfred Hitchcock book. 🙂

    Enjoy your fall,
    Barb 🙂

  3. The vignettes are beautiful. Will be looking in storage for fall decor to pull together. May use some of the drying hydrangeas. Links are beautiful.

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