Spring is official and I finally have tulips ready to bloom. Trust me, that’s pretty exciting for the first few weeks of April in Michigan! It may be a week or two more before we really see all the pretty signs of spring. However, what better time than now to share the best & budget-friendly home decor for spring with you!

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For me, spring is a great time to freshen up your home decor. Freshening up your home doesn’t mean you need to break your bank account. By incorporating a few plants, some new items and refreshing with what you already have, you can create a welcoming and cheerful home for the season.

If you love color like I do, spring is the perfect time for you! It’s all about light and bright colors. Why not swap out your dark, heavy curtains, rugs or bedding for ones in lighter hues. You can also add a fresh coat of paint to your walls or furniture in pastel shades like soft green, blue or pink.

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Budget-Friendly Spring Home Decor Ideas

Here are some budget-friendly spring home decor ideas to get your home ready.

  1. Add some faux or real plants and flowers. (This is my new favorite to decorate with!)
  2. Layer your rooms with lighter linens and fabrics.
  3. Add some natural textures
  4. Change out your throw pillows or covers.
  5. Create a small gallery wall with some botanical or landscape prints.

Faux or Real Plants

Add some greenery to your world! Bring some life into your home by adding plants or flowers. You can pick up inexpensive potted plants or cut flowers at your local grocery store or nursery, or even try your hand at propagating some cuttings from your existing plants.

I’ve recently added real plants into my cottage and I love how they look. Faux plants are always a staple in my home too. If you don’t have access to real spring branches, don’t worry! I’m sharing some of the best ones right here!

Below are some of my favorite faux plants!

Home Decor for Spring -Faux Forsythia branches
Home Decor for Spring -Faux Eucalyptus stems
Home Decor for Spring - Silk Cherry blossoms

Lighter Linens and Fabrics

Refreshing my bedding is an easy way I welcome in each new season. I have a collection of quilts I like to rotate through. If you’re anything like me, in the winter I keep fannel sheets on the bed. Swap out your heavy winter bedding for lighter, brighter options. Look for colorful duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases that will brighten up your bedroom for spring.

This pottery barn Penelope quilt is my current favorite for spring! I love the addition of the blue and white throw pillows.

Home Decor for Spring - Pottery Bar - Penelope

Penelope Handcrafted Quilt – Pottery Barn

Cupocupa White Comforter Set

Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set – Olive

Cotton Cross Stitch Quilt – Blue

I love to layer my bedding even in the spring and summer months. I just prefer the way it looks and you can always turn the bedding back when you sleep, so your not so warm. Choosing to use a solid spring color, gives you the option to add another patterned quilt or some throw pillows to jazz it up.

Add Natural Textures

Spring is also a great time to add some natural textures to your decor, like wicker, rattan or bamboo. Look for affordable baskets, trays or placemats in these materials to use throughout your home. Keeping with the budget-friendly theme, check your local thrift store for these items.

Woven Storage Basket with Wooden Beads

Hand Woven Large Storage Baskets – Wooden Handles

Sobotoo Woven Wicker Storage Bins

Decorative Throw Pillows & Covers

I have a confession.

I need a closet just for all my decorative throw pillows and covers. Yes, I have that many. Every room in my house is adorned with throw pillows. I’ve found buying the insert and changing out the cover is the best bang for your buck. Pillow covers tend to be more affordable.

Below are a few of my new favorites for spring.

Kalami Floral Mauve Pillow

MANOJAVAYA Blue & White Printed Booti – Set of 2

Euro Textured Tassel Pillow

Spring Artwork

Remember that art is a personal choice and should reflect your own taste and style.

Why not swap out heavy or dark-colored artwork for lighter, brighter pieces that reflect the colors and mood of spring. There are so many great options now that features pastels, florals, or nature scenes.

Summer Pasture – Framed 16 x 14

Stupell Industries Botantical Plant

Citrus Harvest Framed Wall Canvas Antique Gold – Threshold™/ Studio McGee

I recently created a small gallery wall in my home. I used some nature scenes and botanicals and I couldn’t be happier with it. Make sure you check out my post Beautiful Vintage Artwork & Easy Gallery Walls.

Upstairs Gallery Wall

The Best & Budget-Friendly Home Decor for Spring

One item I didn’t share in this post was options for beautiful spring wreaths. I recently researched those for you and you can read all about them in my post The Best Budget Friendly Wreaths for Spring.

Spring Wreaths

Remember, the key to budget-friendly spring home decor is to keep it simple, natural, and fresh. By incorporating a few new items and refreshing what you already have, you can create a welcoming and cheerful home for the season.

Happy spring decorating!

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  1. I’ve been loving your posts on spring, Kim. Living here in Michigan, with cloudy days sometimes into June, I need all the inspiration I can get. I ordered some pillow covers for Easter and love them. I’m still debating on which wreath I want to order. AND…I had no idea that Amazon sold prints ready to frame!! I’m seriously considering those covered baskets for Emily. She has so much “stuff” in her small bedroom. I think she’s overwhelmed trying to get it organized. Happy Spring my friend! xoxo

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