Did you know March is reading month and did you know I also posted my home decor tour last week? Since I love to read and decorate, I’ve decided to celebrate reading month with you! I’ve put together the best home decor books to buy now.

I love books. Fiction or non-fiction. I even have a book club with some of my besties. If you’re looking on starting one you can see my post 7 Easy Ways to Host a Book Club. Having a book club is a great way to get together with friends or family.

Below is a list of books that really speak to me when it comes to home decor.

Best home decor books - side table

“The person who deserves most pity is a lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn’t know how to read.” – Benjamin Franklin

What is a Home Decor Coffee Table Book?

Many of the home decor books in my home might be considered coffee table books. What is a coffee table book you may ask?

A coffee table book is one that is meant to inspire conversation or be a relaxing subject for the reader. Typically, it is a book full of pictures with general information.

Most coffee book tables are on the the larger size. Not all my interior design books are very large, however they create interest and conversation, while being a great design element in your home.

And I love them and that’s what’s most important!

coffee table book

Top Home Decor Books on My List

If you come to my Cottage in the Mitten, you will find home decor books stacked in various places. On counters, tables, nightstands, and on bookshelves. Not only are they a beautiful read, they are fun to use in your home decor.

My only regret is that I don’t have any built-in bookshelves. I’m still figuring out a place to incorporate one somewhere in my cottage.

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul”. – Marcus Tullius Cicero.

1.) Making House a Home: Designing Your Interiors from the Floor Up | Susanna Salk

This is my new favorite book! I mean favorite and I could look at it for hours!

Making House a Home: Designing Your Interiors from the Floor up by Susanna Salk. Not only is it beautiful for the eyes, it demonstrates how to implement small design ideas and those big design projects into your space. It also teaches you how to do it within your budget.

Pretty, easy to read, and budget friendly, this book will have you captivated at the first page!

Making House a Home

2.) Celebrating Home: A Time for Every Season | James T. Farmer

If you’re like me and enjoy setting a pretty table, entertaining family, viewing beautiful gardens, and treasure all the things of traditions that your family holds, this is the book for you!

To me, enjoying and celebrating life with family and friends, around the table, is so very important. Whether, it’s the holidays, a birthday etc., this book guides you through the beauty of each occasion and the little things of life that are really so important.

Sharing the meaning of “we eat with our eyes first”, James T. Farmer’s book Celebrating Home: A Time for Every Season, is a must have on your list!

Best Home Decor Book - Celebrating Home

3.) Think Like a Decorator: To Create a Comfortable, Original and Stylish Home | Leslie Banker

This is a newly published book and one I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Think Like a Decorator; To Create a Comfortable, Original and Stylish Home by Leslie Banker is an interior designer who learned the trade from her mother. The decor focus, develop a story in your space with those who live ther

The book also has a Q & A section from noted designers. How fun to get other prospectives! This book hits the shelves March 28, 2023.

Best Home Decor Book - Think Like a Decorator

4.) A Lovely Life: Savoring Simple Joys in Every Season | Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels is a home decorating expert. In her book A Lovely Life: Savoring Simple Joys in Every Season she encourages you to find joy, along with peace, in each season.

Spring—experience renewal as you clean up and reimagine your spaces and learn to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.   
Summer—enjoy refreshment with a summer staycation, self-care nourishments, and the delightof simple pleasures.   
Autumn—make room for reconnection when you decorate to reflect your family, style, and story; embrace gratitude; and adopt seasonal rhythms for body, mind, and soul.
Winter—enter a season of rest as you establish morning and evening rituals, winterize your bedroom, and indulge in restorative home spa treatments.”  

Best Home Decor Book - A Lovely Life

5.) Feels Like Home: Transforming Your Space from
Uninspiring to Uniquely Yours | Marion Parsons

Marion Parsons is the creator behind Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line. Her products can be find in retailers all over the world. Marion is an artist, blogger, and loves all things home decor.

In her book Feels Like Home: Transforming Your Space from Uninspiring to Uniquely Yours, Marion shares easy tuturials and budget-friendly tips to create the home of your dreams.

This book is so inspiring, has beautiful pictures and makes you feel like you can do it all yourself!

Best Home Decor Book  - Feels Like Home

6.) A Home to Share | Leslie Saeta

A Home to Share by Leslie Saeta is a real beauty! Leslie is also the creator of My 100 Year Old Home. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times and she is a real gem!

Her book is all about the “spirit of welcome”.

Best Home Decor Book - A Home to Share

7.) Together at the Table: Entertaining at home with the creators of Juliska | Capucine De Wulf Gooding & David Gooding

Everyone knows I love a pretty table. Whether it is setting one myself or drooling over someone elses creation, brings me joy. Needless to say, when I find a book that celebrates joy and how to bring it to any table, I’m on board.

Together at the Table is a beautiful book! It’s all about mixing and matching, which I do most of the time, and sharing how to create elegance in a casual or formal setting.

If you are a lover of table decor, this book is for you!

Best home decor book - Together at the Table

8.) But Where Do I Put the Couch?: And Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions | KariAnne Wood & Melissa Michaels

Have a decor project your wanted to begin? From getting started, to style trends and where to put accessories, you’ll find those answers and more in this book!

But Where Do I Put the Couch will definitely help you solve all your decorating delimmas in an easy to understand and budget-friendly way!

Best home decor book - Where Do I Put the Couch?

9.) Living with Blue & White

Last but certainly not least, a book for all my friends who love blue and white. Living with Blue & White by Jordan Marxer is beautiful and informative decor book!

From cottage charm, gracious tables and how to know what other colors pair nicely with blue and white, this book perfectly directs you!

Best home decor book - living with blue & white

The Best Home Decor Books to Buy Now

There is something so elegant about a pretty stack of books. When looking for a new decor element try stacking a few books that you have on hand.

The books I shared with you today are in my opinion some of the best home decor books to buy now. They are as beautiful as they are inspirational and informative.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Wow Kim… you know I am a bookaholic. Now I want to run out and buy a few of these. But where to put them? I too need more space for my books. I really like the look of the first one you mentioned. Hmm. Mother’s day is coming. These would be good suggestions for gifts.

  2. Wow, so many great books Kim! I’m needing an update (books and house 😂)! This will be a good reference for me as try this out this thing call “redecorating “!!😬

  3. Hi Kim! Some of my favorites here too! And thanks for the addition of some novels too. I need something to read next! Great list!

  4. A Beautiful post. Sorry late to party, travel week. Love pretty books! Ok all books, it is my habit. Can get lost in a book, or find something to look up and end up in another book. Usually have 3-4 going at once.😎

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