Happy first Saturday of February from the Mitten and welcome to my Mitten Moments!

You know, those random moments from my week that I am sharing with you.

A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m starting off my snowy Saturday morning with hot tea, a nutty donut and patiently waiting for my gbaby. What’s better than donuts and this precious face, on a pretty Saturday?!

Well, it finally happened. We got snow…I mean inches of snow! This Michigan girl loves a good snow.

In other news this week, I watched The Gilded Age on HBO. Let me tell you my one word description…AMAZING! I love a good period drama with all the beautiful costumes, set decor and traditions. If you loved Downton Abbey, you’ll love this one. Think Downton meets New York. I highly recommend!

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A Few Favorite Mitten Moments

I wanted to share a few of my favorite blog moments this week.

The first comes from my friend Kim at Shiplap and Shells. She lives in a beautiful home in the PNW AND has the prettiest gardens! This week she shared 9 of her favorite garden trends for 2022.

Do yourself a favor and check out her blog. Its beautiful!

You know I love to transform furniture with paint. My friend Tammy from White Lilac Farmhouse did a beautiful transformation. She showed us How To Paint A Chair Easily. The color and fabric she used are both pretty and cheerful. She did a beautiful job!

Don’t you agree?

Finally, I’ve shared my blogging friend Stacey at Garlic Salt and Lime and many of her recipes before. This week, I’m sharing these Mini Gluten Free Orange and Chocolate Chip Scones. If you haven’t had the chance to try one of her recipes, you are missing out!

This Week On The Blog

You all know I do love a good craft or DIY. This week on my blog, I shared An Easy Valentine’s Day Pom Pom Heart Wreath.

Have you ever made a pom pom? If you have, you know how fun it is. If not, go visit my post this week and see how fun it is!

C’mon…who doesn’t love a pink pom pom?!

Best Deal Of The Week

Do you still love to hold a good magazine in your hands? If you follow me, you know I do. I give away a Pioneer Woman magazine each quarter, on Instagram.

Anywhoooo….My friend shared this deal earlier in the week and I just couldn’t believe it. What better place to share it than right here with you!!!

Martha Stewart’s Magazine is now $5 for a yearly subscription! The queen of craft and all things yummy is practically giving it away!

Yes, you heard that right…$5. You can click here to get your subscription.

Random Trivia

Do you watch the Olympics?

If so, are you a summer or winter kind of Olympic person?

I personally like the winter sports, so I’ll say team winter!

Did you know that in 1924 the first Winter Olympics games took place at Chamonix in the French Alps. It was known as the “International Winter Sports Week”.

The French Alps! Just saying it makes me want to visit.

Sounds so dreamy! And snowy!

I’ve been watching the 2022 Olympics in Beijing this week.

Have you?

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments I found this week:

This cozy ski lodge bedding

This yummy strawberry sheet cake

This mexican spinach artichoke dip

I hope you have enjoyed my moments, this weekend.

I hope all the moments of your Saturday bring you more joy than you could imagine!

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  1. Gilded is on our list! Next up is Ozark’s latest season. We just wrapped up Cobra Kai, Have you seen that yet? Great inspo this week enjoy your weekend!

  2. Enjoy your grandbaby Kim! Love following you and love that you love the snow! I’ve never lived in the snow and think it’s absolutely beautiful!

  3. That’s the sweetest little grand in that photo! Our weather was more ice than snow so I haven’t enjoyed this one as much…Thanks for always sharing your Mitten Moments! Always a joy to read!

  4. Hi Kim! I’m so happy you will be spending some time with your sweet grandbaby. That picture of her is precious. I love your Valentine wreath. Thank you so much for featuring my garden trends post. It means so much to me. Have a great weekend my friend.

  5. I love winter and the ice skating is my favorite! I think a girls trip to the French Alps sounds amazing!!!! I’m in! Your grand baby is so precious!

  6. Kim your granddaughter is just prescious. Thank you so much for sharing the cutest bedding for winter and that Pom Pom wreath. Off to watch the Gilded Age😉.

  7. A nutty donut and a beverage while waiting on your sweet granddaughter sounds perfect. I would have the donut and a hot chocolate but then I love sugar! Loved your pompom wreath this week. Staceys scones look amazing. Have a wonderful weekend.
    One last things, I love snow!

  8. Love all the features (and that first picture—SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST EVER)!!!!!!

    Happy snow day friend!

  9. Love that pom pom wreath Kim! You make snow sound so fun. I admit that I missed the snow while it came down and arrived after it settled. It really does look very pretty.

  10. Yay for getting snow! We have had two snowstorms so far in Delaware. Sometimes we don’t get any snow! Your sweet grandbaby is the cutest! Have. a great week my friend!

  11. The Pom Pom heart! I’ve been thinking about it since I read your blog and would really like to give it a whirl. And you know I’m not a crafter! Could you be wearing off on me? And I’ve gathered the ingredients for the white chicken chili recipe too. Thank you for your inspiration! It’s working! 💗

  12. Thank you for sharing my post. It was so sweet of you to include me.

    You grandlittle is precious. Oh my goodness, I know you enjoy spending every moment you can with her.

    As always, I enjoyed Mitten Moments. Try to stay warm and hope to talk soon.

  13. I love your round-up, Kim. Your little granddaughter is just the cutest. I adore your pretty pom-pom wreath, and the recipe for those scones looks DIVINE!

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