Happy sunny Sunday from the Mitten! It’s been a busy week with a lot of big moments for me. I’ve also found some great moments from my friends too. So sit back and check out all my Mitten Moments this week.

My Personal Mitten Moments

I’m back from my sunny vacation. I have to admit, it was great feeling all the warmth of the sunshine and sharing time with family and friends.

Have you ever “unplugged” from all things tech while on vacation? I’ve had to do it when I’ve been on mission trips out of the country, however, I don’t usually do it when I’m on a family vacay. I tried to do it this time and I have to say it did my soul good. I actually think it made me sleep better too.

The “Big” Birthday & Moment

This coming Tuesday, I will celebrate a “big” birthday. One that I have to say I have not been looking forward to. That all changed yesterday. It started with an unexpcted gift all the way from my good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill. We met through our blogging journey and she has been a blessing to me. She knows I have been wanting to add some plants to my home decor and so she sent me the most beautiful planter for my birthday! A good way to start my Saturday.

Then to top the day off my amazing husband and children surprised me with a party. I say amazing because they truly are! I felt so loved and it put that “big” birthday in perspective for me.

I’ve have had a wonderful life, thus far. Not without trials, that’s to be sure, but God has given me the most beautiful family a girl could ever dream of and a great group of friends. Both have given me more precious moments that I can count!

If you are worried about the number on your cake, this is your encouragement to not frett! It really is just a number. Take stock of all the wonderful moments in your life and all those to come!

The last big moment that happened this week…our youngest son moved out. All three of our sons commuted to university, so they were home with us. It was a joy to have them all home through college. Our two oldest sons are both married. Our youngest, who is only 23, just bought his own house and we are so very proud of his accomplishment at such a young age.

Empty Nester and 60…those are some big moments, friends!

Recently On The Blog

Spending time in the warm weather really got me thinking about spring. Yes, I know we probably have plenty days of cold weather left, but I wanted to share some good spring wreath finds with you.

You can see all my choices in my post The Best Budget Friendly Wreaths for Spring.

Below is one of the wreaths I used last summer. If you need some inspiration check out A Bright Cottage in the Mitten Summer Patio, from last year.

Affiliate links are used in this post. Read my full disclosure here.

Motivation Monday / Wednesday’s Word

A Few Of My Favorite Moments

For many of us, it is still winter and we are still feeling the effects. Why not continue to embrace the cozy things of the season? Courtney from French Country Cottage shared Creating a Cozy Home.

Even thougth you may be dreaming of warmer temps, make sure you read Courtney’s post. It’s sure to bring the cozy inside your home!

I love to make soup and chili, especially during the cold weather months. My friend Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home shared the most delicious Greek Lemon Orzo Soup that can be perfect for any season!

Yummy and full of flavor, this is a must add to your list of good foods to make!

Have you notice how popular mushrooms are? Decorative mushrooms! You know my buddy Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill and this week, she showed us how to paint some black picture frames to look vintage and brought us the prettiest FREE mushroom prints to download.

Make sure you head over to her blog and check out How to Paint Black Picture Frames to Look Vintage. You’ll find all the goodness in there!

I love anything banana! Banana ice cream is my favorite, too. My friend Elizabeth from Pinecones and Acorns gave us a scruptious recipe for Banana Bars with Browned Butter Glaze.

Do these not look and sound delish?!

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL mitten moments I found:

These painted wicker baskets

These homemade cleaning solution recipes

How to host a fun chili cook-off party with friends

Coming up this week on the blog, I’ll be joining some of my friends for a fun Pinterest Challenge. Stay tuned for that on Tuesday!

That’s all the Mitten Moments for this week. I hope you enjoyed them and pray they have inspired you!

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  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time on vacation. Unplugging and relaxing are definitely good for the soul. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

  2. Kim,
    Happy Birthday! How wonderful to be surrounded by love on your special day.
    It sounds like you had an amazing day!
    Welcome home for your vacation, it is always nice to rest and relax and it is just as nice to go home.
    An empty nester! IT sounds to me like you and your 3 sons were both blessed to live at home while in college. You got to be a part of a pivotal part of their lives and they were able to focus on college and still have family time.
    Congratulations to your son, 23 and buying a house is a huge accomplishment.
    Last but not least, thank you for including me in your post! I hope that you make the banana bars!
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry I was not able to celebrate with you. It looked beautiful, the cake, balloons and all your family and many friends to celebrate. Al did a great job pulling it off for you.
    Glad you had a wonderful vacation. You put your all into your family, work, and blog.
    This is a beautiful post. Love the links.

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