Welcome to my Mitten Moments! Random moments from my week that I am sharing with YOU!

1) Last weekend, I took a much needed break, enjoying a warm sunny place with lifelong friends! It always amazes me how sometimes you don’t really know how much you needed the break until you are back from it….so, I extended it until Friday!

Do you ever give yourself a break?

2) Airports and airplanes.

When is the last time you traveled?

Did they pass out the usual bag of peanuts?

No peanuts for me….I got goldfish.

I have not been in an airport or on a plane in over a year. It was much more crowded than I thought it would be, due to Covid. With so many people getting the vaccine, including me, I guess everyone in the Mitten, and elsewhere, wanted to get out of Dodge.

3) My blanket making is on the busy track. Thank you to all of you who have ordered! I am currently working on three new blankets, for the cause. I get so excited when I start a new one. Creating the patterns is so much fun!

I love simple sewing, the joy it brings me, and the ones who receive them.

If you are new to my blog, and don’t know what I mean, you can read all about “the cause” here.

4) Have you heard about eyelash primer? So many people have been sharing it, and of course, I had to buy some.

The result?

It’s a game changer for this girl’s eyelashes! It honestly does work and makes your eyelashes look amazing.

5) The most important moment of this week?

My precious grandbaby said “Mimi”!!

And yes, I am still smiling!

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments, I found this week:

This amazing painted planter for Mother’s Day

This yummy strawberry salad

These amazing ideas to decorate with blue and white

This beautiful back porch

These amazing summer wreaths

This cute Cinco De Mayo table setting

I hope you enjoyed all the Mitten Moments of my week!

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