Happy Sunday, my friends! It has been quite awhile since I’ve shared my Mitten Moments with you. Never fear! I’m back and I have so much goodness to share with you today! Spring has sprung here in the Mitten!

Life just gets busy sometimes, doesn’t it? I keep saying this year has been a slower start for me, however, it feels like it’s flying by. I know that probably doesn’t make sense, but that’s where I’m at this year.

Mitten Moments - Magnolia bud with a large bee on it.

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I’ve been busy updating my blog and all the things that go with blogging! My very good friend and blogging bestie, Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill came to the Mitten to help me. How amazing is she? We worked, shared meals, watched a K-drama, had lots of laughs and just plain enjoyed each other’s company!

Mitten Moments - Cottage on Bunker Hill's visit with Cottage in the Mitten

My Personal Mitten Moments

  • The weather has been warming up and with that comes all the beautiful spring flowers. My son’s forsythia are in full bloom and I went to his house and clipped some for one of my ginger jars. Gosh, do they add a breath of fresh air to the house! Are your spring trees and flowers in bloom, yet?
Forsythia blooms in Michigan this spring.
  • This week, Michigan recently witnessed a rare sight – a corpse flower in full bloom! Nicknamed “Corpsy,” this fascinating plant set a state record for height at over 5 feet tall. But its most striking feature is its pungent odor, resembling rotting flesh, which attracts pollinators like carrion beetles. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything, regardless of it’s benefits, that’s smells like rotting flesh! No, thank you!
  • I’m a big PBS girl! Give me all the English dramas. I’ve been wanting to try BritBox and was wondering if anyone here has tried it. If you have, let me know in the comments what you think!

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also. – Harriet Ann Jacobs

  • I’ve been sewing blankets again! Did you know that I make blankets for a cause? I commission blankets and donate part of the proceeds to help find a cure for brain tumors. That is actually why I started this blog. You can read all about my son and his journey here. He has battled a brain tumor since he was sixteen and has his follow-up MRI report, tomorrow. Prayers for a clean report are appreciated! Isn’t he the cutest?!
Mitten Moments - My son who has battled a brain tumor for twelve years.

My Favorite Weekly Find


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Recently on the Blog

Are you are gardener? I have always loved to dabble in gardening. A few of my sons are into, too, and it makes it so much more fun! This week, I shared Simple Tips for Starting a Raised Bed Garden. If you’ve never tried raised bed gardening, I encourage you to give it a whirl!

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing what has worked for me, my goals this growing season, and I’ll even share what grows and my wins and losses, too! Hopefully, I won’t have any losses, but I’m always willing to be transparent and authentic!

Are you in the market for a new spring wreath or maybe a wreath you can transition from spring to summer? If so, check out my wreath finds in The Best Budget Friendly Wreaths for Spring. There’s something for everyone!

Motivation Monday / Wednesday’s Word

A Few of My Favorite Moments

Are you ready to great spring full force? My friend Elizabeth from Pinecones and Acorns shared The Best Spring Bucket List to Enjoy this Season. From visiting a farmer’s market to taking a picnic, she has a list you’re sure to love!

My good friend Stacy from Bricks ‘n Blooms shared Rose Fertilizer 101: What to Use and When. I love my roses! The smell good and are some of the prettiest flowers in the garden. However, sometimes growing them can be tricky. Check out Stacy’s post for all her tips!

Beautiful roses from Stacy at Bricks 'n Blooms - Essential Rose Care 101

Friends! Have you met my gal pal Amy from Amy Sadler Design? If not, you’re missing out! She is extremely talented and is so knowledgeable when it comes to paint. Amy recently shared How to Choose a Paint Color to Compliment Your Stained Cabinets and if you are looking to switch-up your paint color, this is a great post and perfect for you! She also has a new amazing Ebook – Color Confidence!

Amy Sadler Design - How to Choose a Paint Color to Compliment Your Stained Cabinets.

If you’re looking to give your garden a little whimsy, my buddy Jennifer shared how to Give Your Garden Timeless Charm with Antique Accents. This is such a great post with so many suggestions on how to add accent pieces to your garden.

Mitten Moments

There you have all my Mitten Moments for the week! I hope these moments brought a touch of joy and wonder to your day!

As always, I hope you have a fantastic start to your week!

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  1. Kim, I love the look of your new blog. I always enjoy seeing photos of you and Jennifer together. Two of my favorite blogging friends, you both are the best. Thank you for sharing my Black Bottom Muffins. It was so sweet of you. If any of your readers makes them, they do not last long. They disappear fast among guest and family!

  2. Kim, fist, how were your sons’ test results? I hope everything went well.

    Second, so sorry I am late to your post. It has been a rough week, a 45 year old pine tree fell on our house in the storm last week. It is always something.

    Third, thank you for sharing my spring bucket list, I think there is something for everyone!

    How wonderful to have a friend some to help with your blog. If you learned any tips you think I should know please share.

    Have a wonderful week, I am off to check all of your fabulous links.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! My son had a great report! I’m so sorry to hear about your storm damage. I hope the damage is fixed quickly. Have a great rest of the week, friend!

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