I love a good reno project. You know, the How To Create A Trash to Treasure project, for yourself.

Are you on board with those kind of projects too?

Have you seen my blog on my dresser transformation and my 1890’s chair? They are two of my favorites! I’d sure appreciate it if you check those out, while you’re here.

The Ultimate Find

I’m not sure how it is in your neck of the woods, but here in The Mitten, on trash day you can put out furniture too.

While driving out of my subdivision, early one Saturday morning, my hubby spotted some amazing looking chairs.

What do you think the first thing he did was?

If you said he called me…you’re right!! He took a picture, sent it to me and then called asking if I wanted them.

The detail was amazing, so of course I wanted them!

In a world where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I’d argue that the first man wasn’t thinking creatively enough about his trash. – Justin Slater

Cleaning the Trash

The chairs were filthy and definitely needed a good cleaning.

Have you heard of Dixie Belle Paint Company? If you have, you know how wonderful their products are!

Let me tell you, I have used a lot of different paints but Dixie Belle has the most amazing paint, cleaning products, brushes, waxes and all the good things to transform your piece into something beautiful.

I used their Pristine Clean to get all the grime and years of yuck off the chairs. It’s so simple, you just mix with hot water and clean away. I wish you could have seen the bucket of water when I was finished. This product is a definite game changer in cleaning furniture.

Once the chairs were all cleaned, I started the fun part…painting!

Next Up – Painting

I wanted a classic color for these chairs. Dixie Belle has so many pretty colors and I chose Oyster in their Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint line. The all-in-one paint has a 21-30 day cure time, a built in primer AND built in top coat. A time saver for sure and the end result is beautiful!

This small round brush was a life saver painting all the detail on the chairs.

I can’t help but always wonder and dream about the back story of the piece I’m working on.

Who sat in these chair? What conversations were had sitting in these chairs? Were there memories made while sitting in them? What did the table look like?

I am convinced it had pretty details just like the chairs.

Upholstery Time

Have you ever done upholstery work? It can be a messy job but, oh so worth the end result!

My hubby started by stripping the old fabric and horse hair pad off the chairs for me.

Yep…you heard right, horse hair! Horse hair was commonly used in the 19th century as upholstery stuffing.

If I am being honest, that just seems so gross to me!

These chairs are old!!

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I purchased one inch pad to use for the chairs. Once it was cut to size, I used some spray adhesive to adhere the foam to the wood.

Scissors and a staple gun were needed for the upholstery part.

Next up was the fabric.

In my opinion, there’s nothing like new fabric, to give an old piece a new look.

I love the whole transformation process but let me tell you, picking out the fabric…well, that gives me so much creative joy!

The Big Reveal

These chairs were picked out of the trash and looked old and weathered.

However, I saw beyond their years.

I’d like to think we all have potential beyond our years.

Making the chairs new and useful again was the goal.

As a result of this transformation, it has me wondering all the same questions I had when they were picked that day from the trash.

Who will sit in them? What stories or memories will be made? What conversations will be had sitting in these chairs?

Well, whatever those answers are, I feel satisfied knowing I helped transform them for the opportunities!

I hope I have inspired you to take on a trash to treasure project. Even if it seems a little scary…trust me! I guarantee you’ll love the process!

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  1. Such an amazing trash to treasure upcycle….and so amazing that your hubby snatched those from the trash for you. As you know I am quite a proponent of transforming trash to treasure. You did an amazing job! Love, love, love!💜

  2. These two chairs we’re in rough shape. Good eye for Mr Mitten and you to see the potential! They turned out beautiful. The Silk mineral paint looks easy to use.
    Was all over the Dixie Belle website. Great fabric.

    I love old furniture! Agree, about considering their “life”, where they came from, what and when were they used. The memories, gatherings, traditions where they were used…. As my Mom used to say, “they don’t make it like they used to.”
    I do this with old kitchen utensils also…
    Love your posts!

  3. I just love how they turned out! Your fabric choice is so pretty, I love it with the white it just looks amazing! Thanks for sharing about Dixie belle, I haven’t used their products but that cleaner sounds wonderous! What’s really wonder is the change and by the way, I also wonder about furniture and think about who may have sat on it or eaten off of it, I guess we have romantic souls! 😄

  4. Oh Kim, these chairs look amazing. I love your color choice and the fabric. What a wonderful find! The best furniture is the free kind made new.

  5. Wow Kim!!! What a beautiful transformation! I have some projects coming up so it was really helpful learning about the cleaner and the round brush! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, how beautiful! I’m a chair lover, too. Such a great transformation,
    Kim! So glad your husband loves to help your habit…mine would have been the one who left them by the trash!🤣🤣🤣

  7. Kim, those chairs are gorgeous, what a great rehab job!! You are so talented! Most definitely from of trash to treasure!!! 🪑

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