Happy Saturday evening from the Mitten and welcome to my Mitten Moments!

You know the drill, those random moments from my week that I am sharing with you.

I’m coming to you later than normal because we had a little sprinkle for my son and daughter-in-law. They have twins on the way and we are so excited!!

For me, celebrating any of our kids is a good day.

Are you a fan of basketball? I really only watch it this time of year, but can I just say that March Madness has literally made me mad, this year. Well, not really mad. Just disappointed that my fantasy bracket already lost. The University of Michigan, Michigan State, and my fan favorite Tennessee are all out.


All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney.

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This Week And Last On The Blog

It’s been a busy two weeks for me, so we have some catching up to do! These are all the fun things I’ve shared since we were together last.

I’ve been transitioning some of my decor over to blue and I am loving it! I have a few posts using my new blue decor that I would love for you to visit.

I shared How To Create A Simple Blue & Pink Easter Table. It was such a fun table to set and I hope you like as much as I do! For those of you curious, my table is NOT still set for Easter. I will do that again when we get closer to the holiday. It’s a blogger’s life.

In theme with the blues, I shared My New Blue Spring Home Tour. I added some new favorites and have linked them all in my post for you.

Last week, I showed you How To Make An Easy Bunny Wreath. It’s so easy, anyone can make it. I made the wreath for my mom’s apartment door and she loved it. Apartment door decor is a big thing where she lives.

Did you see my post on The Prettiest Purple Cottage Blanket Wrapped In Love? It’s a post near to my heart and one that is filled with obedience in listening, fate and lots of love. Let me know what you think!

A Few Favorite Mitten Moments

One of my favorite moments this week, was from my good friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew. She has been a big support of my blogging journey and I just love her and her home! If you don’t know her, make sure to take a look. She posted her Colorado Colonial Spring Home Tour and I am loving all her pretty blues and how about that amazing artwork?!

My next moment comes from my blogging bestie, Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill. I’ve said it plenty of times, she is the queen of a great DIY and she has many other talents! She is so creative and I’m ever so thankful for her guidance, encouragement, laughter and “late night” phone calls…8 p.m. is late! Love her and you will too!

Jennifer recently shared How To Make A Moss Bunny Head Wreath. Those straw flowers are from her garden, last summer! Did I say she has an amazing garden, too?

Anyway, isn’t it the cutest?

Random Trivia

Since we last shared my Mitten Moments, there was a full moon. I have been convinced that when there is a full moon I don’t sleep good.

How about you?

Look what I happened upon…

A full moon might keep you awake. In a small study from the University of Basel in Switzerland, subjects monitored closest to a full moon experienced less deep sleep, produced less melatonin, and took five minutes longer to fall asleep that those monitored during other times of the month.”

See, I knew it!

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments I found this week:

This beautiful spring home tour

This amazing miniture dollhouse farmhouse kitchen tour

These yummy Mahi Mahi tacos

How to host an Easter brunch

I’m always grateful you’re here!

I hope all the moments of your Saturday bring you more joy than you could imagine!

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  1. The only decoration I have to this point is my Easter wreath that I bought last year from Kroger of all places! Your decor inspires me to get it done as Easter approaches. I’ve been watching to much basketball!! 🏀

  2. LOL!! Thanks for the shout-out!! Yes…8 is def a late-night call for me!! You know the early bird and all that stuff…
    I’m with you, I am just in love with Kelly’s new home and how she has created such a curated space so quickly that looks like she’s been there forever!

  3. Well, I am watching basketball right now. My boys, the Tarheels are playing and if they win are going to the final four. Fingers and toes are crossed! I have been a Tarheel fan since age 16.

    I love all of the blues you have incorporated in your home. Blues and greens to me are very soothing colors.

  4. Beautiful post. Love the mirror in the first pic, so pretty. Have been on buying old, new and resale mirrors. Sort of an obsession these days.
    The links are beautiful. Offering inspiration for my new project. Will be all over the shop when I have a better idea of layout, design.
    You have many any wonderful family events! Sending Love

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