Welcome to my Mitten Moments!

Random moments from my week that I am sharing with YOU!

It has been an awesome week! 

1)This week, I participated in the Bloggers Best Summer Home Tour hosted by Kelly at The Tattered Pew. What a fun collection of summer home tours it was! If you missed mine, you still have time to check out my Easy Breezy Home Tour.

2) Kitchen cleaning took place this week. First item on the list…the dreaded stove burners.

They were so dirty.

Can any of you relate?

Oh, I see your hands!

Did you know if you put your gas stove burners in a black bag, with two cups of ammonia, tie the bag and put it in a bucket outside, then leave it overnight, they come super duper clean??

Yep, just like new.

You’re welcome!

3) Another exciting part of the week??

My dahlias are growing in the cutting garden we created a few weeks ago! They ARE really growing!

Do you grow any perennials?

4) A couple of weeks ago, I shared my recent trip to Hobby Lobby on Instagram. I asked the girl waiting on me at the checkout if there were any good coupons out. If you saw my story, you know I was shocked to find out they no longer take coupons.

They don’t take coupons…  

Am I the only one who didn’t know they stopped taking coupons??

I’m still not over it!

5) Some of you have reached out, noticing I have been absent from here for about a month. For those of you who are interested, I have been helping Mr. Mitten move and rebuild my blog. 

Or should I say HE has been moving and rebuilding my blog.

Bless his heart! 

Blogging is a big job. One that I absolutely love! I have met so many amazing people. Each day, I learn something new. Each day, I meet more amazing people like you!

I am so grateful you are here! You have continually supported me in my blankets for a cause, my family and my blogging journey! 

Thanks so much for sticking by me during my pause.💚 


Here are some other WONDERFUL moments, I found this week:

This list of best beach reads

These strawberry shortcake ice cream sammies

This yummy chicken salad

This rocking chair makeover

This blog on how to build your confidence

That’s all the Mitten Moments for this Saturday!

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  1. Kim your tour was beautiful my friend! I’m so excited about your new blog. Please let me know if you have any questions or ever need anything blog wise…I’m here for you! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. It was fun touring with you this week.

    My husband is awesome, he’s my IT man too.

    Blogging constantly changes.

    I would love for you to follow Cloches and Lavender

  3. Thanks for the shout out, the chicken salad recipe has been quite the hit.

    Moving your site is a huge endeavor…thinking about moving mine soon.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  4. I love how you said “I have been helping Mr Mitten rebuild my blog” – that’s how things happen in my house too. He does the work and I go, “Oh, I helped”. Lol. Thanks for sharing your update. Love it.

  5. Your new site is so gorgeous!! Great things are going to happen here, my friend! Thanks so much for sharing our rocking chair makeover! I hope your readers enjoy it 🙂

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