Welcome to my Mitten Moments! 

Random moments from my week that I am sharing with you!

This week, I took some time to slow down. That’s a hard one for me.

How about you?

Isn’t She Pretty?

Did you see my stories on Instagram this week?

If so, you saw my amazing Fired-Up dahlia! Isn’t she a beauty? I was lucky enough to get her and three other gems from Jen at The Flowering Farmhouse.

This is my first go at growing dahlias and needless to say, I am hooked!

Is It Really Empty?

I had an epic fail this week.

I got a call that my mother needed to go to the doctor as her face and eyes were swollen shut from some mosquito bites…that’s a story for another time.

So, I ran out of the house, got in the car and realized the car was on “E”.

You know how it is, the car never seems to have gas, especially when you’re in a hurry.

I drove to the corner gas station, put my card in the reader and started to pump. To my surprise, it kept sputtering and not pumping a full stream. The whole time I was thinking, “What is wrong with this pump?” I was looking at the attendant thinking, “Come on! Help a girl out! What is wrong with this pump?”

I pumped $5 worth of sputtering gas and then gave up.

Annoyed, I got in my car, I looked at the gas gage and low and behold, I realized the tank was actually full not empty.

Yes, you read that right. I tried pumping gas in a car with a full tank.

A slooooow down, Kim, moment…and your welcome for the laugh!

A Slow Saturday

Sewing helps me slow down. It’s a quiet, yet thoughtful process which is good for my soul.

Did you ever read my post How To Make A Doll Blanket? That’s a fun way to spend a Saturday too!

You know I make blankets for a cause but I also make blankets for people that God lays on my heart. Today, I am starting one of those.

I always try to make the fabric fit the person.

I love these patterns and I hope she’ll like them too.

It’s an honor to bless someone with something homemade.

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments, I found this week:

These amazing wooden pumpkins

This yummy apple dumpling recipe

This pretty wood bead fall wreath

These tiny ice cream sammies

I hope you have enjoyed my Mitten Moments, this weekend! Wishing you time to slow down and enjoy all the moments of your week ahead.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my recipe! I am eagerly anticipating the orchard Apple picking days in the next few weeks. Love those fabrics you are working with this morning. My sewing machine is calling me to finish a baby quilt here. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I’ve never tried to fill up a full tank, but I’ve certainly done other things just as wild that make me relate!! So true, even though I no longer work, I need to slow down! I really need to slow my mind!! Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. Why is slowing down so hard?? I completely get what you are saying about the gas tank. I haven’t done that specific thing but I have done similar things because I am in a hurry. He tells us to be still, to rest, to listen. And we are so busy….well. Thanks for the reminder Kim! Happy Sewing! BTW, I spent time sewing today too!

  4. Wow, hope your Mom is doing better. Those dahlias are beautiful. Will keep that site in mind for next summer. All my flowers are fading for the year.
    Doll blankets, I look forward to it! Just not too soon.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. We tend to rush around in our lives and don’t think we need to slow down until it catches up with us. I’ve been trying to work in some slow down time too – no luck yet. I love your choice of fabrics, especially the vintage women one.

  6. Oh gosh, Kim, been there! Sometimes we’re just so busy we can’t see straight. I hope your mom ended up being ok. Ouch. And yes, I slow down with sewing, too. I adore those pretty patterns…

  7. Hope your mom’s okay … I can relate to your panic. Because of fire danger in our area I try to refill the tank when its gets halfway, but frequently fail. Misreading the dial … I don’t think your alone there either. Gorgeous dahlia! xo

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