Happy Sunday my friends! As I write this, I’m sitting outside and lightening bugs are lighting the way and the cicadas are loudly serenading me. Apparently, the hotter the day the louder the cicadas are, and it was 90 plus here today. Enough about the cicadas, afterall it is Sunday, and that means it’s time for my Mitten Moments!

We still have 34 days of summer left. Even though there is so much talk about fall, I’m trying to find the balance. The balance of blogging all about fall, and at the same time, feverishly trying to enjoy all that those 34 days still have to offer!

“If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end.” – Akiane Kramarik

My precious granddaughter is doing the same! Even though the zinnia’s don’t have any fragrance, she doesn’t know or care. What’s so important about this picture, is that she intentionally takes time to admire their beauty and smell them!

What a beautiful lesson for us all!

Mitten Moments - Brooklyn

My Personal Mitten Moments

  • Well, although it has been a more than an amazing process to grow together, the family garden is winding down. The beans, tomatoes and some varieties of peppers are still going strong, however, the cucumbers, acorn squash and zucchini are on their last leg. I am keeping a journal and have already started planning for next year’s garden. If you are looking to start your own. You can read all about my Simple Tips for Starting a Raised Bed Garden.
  • Last summer, we installed a fence around our property. We went with a pretty picket fence and gate one one side in the front. It allows us access to the backyard. Wanting to make the entrance more appealing we decided to make a garden on the left side. We just began the process and will be sure to share more when it is finished!
  • I made a list of my favorite fall finds! Well, at least some of my favorites. One of the prints I bought in the spring, but I am transitioning it into my fall decor. It was out of stock for quite sometime but it’s back! Make sure you check out that and all my other favorites!
Mitten Moments - Favorite Fall Finds

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Recently On The Blog

You know I always love sharing the creative space with my friends. This week, my friends and I shared are fall inspiration with you. I showed you How to Create a Festive Fall Table Setting. Setting a pretty table is one of my favorite ways to show my creativity.

If you missed it, there’s still plenty of time to see all the good inspiration!

Motivation Monday / Wednesday’s Word

A Few Of My Favorite Moments

Wendy from WM Design House made the yummiest cake! Her Layered Angel Food Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting sounds and looks mouth watering! Angel food cake is the perfect dessert to enjoy with the last of our summer days!

What’s not to love about cake, cream cheese frosting and strawberries!?

Mitten Moments - WM Design House

Last Christmas, I showed you How to Make Dried Orange Slices. Definitely an easy project and so much fun to make!

This week, my friend Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home shared How to Make Toaster Oven Dried Apples. These are perfect for your fall and Christmas home decor. I am absolutely going to make these!

Mitten Moments - Eleanor Rose Home

We have basil growing in our family garden. Besides drying it, I’ve been looking for something else creative to do with it. My sweet friend, Leslie from Feet Under My Table shared how to create a great pesto!

Needless to say, I just found that creative something I was looking for!

And Now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments I found:

These budget decorating tips for fall

This stunning DIY sunflower wreath with pinecones

These dining room slipcovers

That’s all my moments for this week!

Thanks so much for stopping by my Cottage in the Mitten. I hope to see you again, real soon!

Make it a great week, my friends, and don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers!

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  1. I adore that sweet picture of your grandaughter appreciating the zinnias—a true lesson for all of us. I too am trying to enjoy the last few days of summer, but we are currently int he middle of Hurricane Hillary, and it is pouring rain! I love that you keep a journal for your garden, such a great idea. Thank you for featuring my yummy angel food cake.

  2. Kim, The picture of your granddaughter is so adorable, and what a great lesson! We’re always so busy that sometimes it’s important to stop and smell the flowers to appreciate the little things in life. I appreciate you sharing my dried apple slices, thank you so much!!!

  3. What a precious photo of that sweet granddaughter! That one needs a frame! So very sweet. I’m a picket fence fan, too. Thank you so much for sharing my pesto recipe…with basil overflowing it just has to be created. Always love reading your moments, sweet friend. Have a great week!

  4. Your posts always inspire me Kim! Sometimes it’s something you say, a quote you share or images of your decorating, but I’m always inspired. What a gift you have! Peace & Blessings right back atcha!

  5. Beautiful post. Pic of your grand baby brings full meaning to stop and smell the roses! Fab fall table! Great links.

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