We are inching closer to spring. It’s only one more day away! While you are patiently waiting for tomorrow, come on over to my place and check out all the good Mitten Moments I’ve gathered for you!

There are some really pretty views to be seen. Like this sweet little tulip trying to break it’s way through the cold ground!

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My Personal Mitten Moments

Are you watching March Madness?

I am a girl who likes sports, but I can honestly say this is the only time of the year that I watch basketball. My friend always puts together a March Madness pool, so I join and pick my teams. There is zero stats or science on how I pick them. I can tell you, I pick a Michigan team or Tennessee to win every year. They are my favorites…that is why!

I have been sick for more than three weeks. After one round of antibiotics and steriods, I was told last week they think I have pneumonia. New antibiotics and steriods and I am finally feeling better! If you’ve been hit with all the nastiness going around, I feel ya!

“Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.” – Linda Solegato

Due to getting a much wanted, beautiful basket of plants for my birthday, I now consider myself a plant mama! Not to mention, we are empty nesters and I have to be mama to something! I was out shopping yesterday and bought myself two more plants.

Isn’t this one so pretty?

Recently On The Blog

Want in on a little secret?

Being a blogger, I am always preparing things earlier than whatever the actual season or holiday is. People often ask if I leave my tables set-up after I create them for a post.

The simple answer is no. I design my tables, write and photgraph my post and then take it down until the holiday rolls around.

You can check out my recent table setting, in my post How to Set an Easter Table with Bright Colors. This one was so cheerful and definitely fun to make, but I promise you it’s no longer set-up on my farm table.

Only that pretty centerpiece remains!

Motivation Monday / Wednesday’s Word

A Few Of My Favorite Moments

Last week, I shared the cutest chocolate covered pears by Norma from Paint Me Pink. This week, I just had to share her beautiful Easter Deviled Eggs.

Yes, I said beautiful! Just see for yourself.

I bet there won’t be anything prettier than these on any Easter table!

Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home baked and decorated the prettiest cake.

Her Easter Basket Flower Cake would be the perfect addition to your Easter dessert list!

Have you ever heard of an Arnold Palmer? If not, let me enlighten you! It’s a yummy drink made with iced tea and lemonade. My friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style shared How to Make Simple Leomade Iced Tea.

It’s the perfect drink heading into spring and summer!

And now…

Here are some other WONDERFUL mitten moments I found:

These cute moss covered mushrooms

These money saving tips for the garden

These 19 ways to up-cycle vintage picture frames

This Easter egg centerpiece

That’s all the Mitten Moments, for this week. I hope you enjoyed them and pray they have inspired you!

Coming up this week, is my spring home tour! I’ll be sharing on Monday.

Make the coming week a good one!

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  1. Well, my bracket is NOT doing so well!! Had a nice Sunday at home anyway! Started my day at church then ALDIs which I haven’t been in a while then home, just “Putzing” (made up my own spelling!) around and watching basketball, of course! 🏀

  2. Kim, I’m so sorry to hear you have been sick. It has been such a rough winter for so many people. I’m glad you are finally starting to feel better.

    And thank you so much for sharing my lemonade iced tea recipe. I think we will finally have some nice spring weather this week. Perfect for sipping on some tea.😘

  3. Made it home for visit while AJ in town from training in TN. Boys comparing brackets…as the college acronyms…I’m thinking of them as children and teen’s having similar debates.
    Love the bunny cake plate. Beautiful pics and ideas. The garden tips have me wishing for spring and planting season.

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